Dawnstar Spire.

Dawnstar Spire[79, 21] is the former residence of Dar'Khan Drathir before he turned to the Scourge. He spent his childhood here.[1] He also used the Spire to conduct Void research.[2] It is located on the eastern shore of Lake Elrendar in the northeastern Ghostlands, south of Zeb'Sora and northeast of the Farstrider Enclave, and is now guarded by his Arcane Reavers.

In the year 25, Dar'Khan used the place to lure the Blood Knights into a trap. A plan that ultimately failed when Lor'themar Theron arrived and killed him.[1]

Years later, Magister Umbric found Dar'Khan's research and left notes at the top of the Spire. Alleria Windrunner later arrived to the top of the Spire and opened a portal to Telogrus Rift.


  • It is unclear if the spire is linked to the other Dawnstars.


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