Dead Man's Pass

Dead Man's Pass is a grouping of cliffs in western Vol'dun,[37.4, 51.2] east of the Terrace of the Devoted, south of Bonetrail Gulch, and north of the Cracked Coast. The Temple Incursion lies on its northern slopes. The area is mostly home to giant scorpids, as well as carrion birds feasting on the carcasses of Bonepicker Hyenas and Zandalari Exiles.

The area is considered an "off-site excursion location" for the Goldtusk Inn, and is the source of the Goldtusk innkeeper Rhan'ka's famous scorpid blood drinks.[1] Rhan'ka sends adventurers to the pass in order to look for his lost "friend" Zulsan.[2]

During Faction Assaults, the pass becomes a battlefield between Horde and Alliance forces fighting over Azerite.[3]


In a cave at the top of the cliffs:

During Faction Assaults