For the achievement, see  [Death's Advance].
NeutralDeath's Advance
Main leader Unknown
Base of operations Keeper's Respite
Theater of operations Maw, Korthia
Status Active
Currency [Stygia]
Quartermaster Duchess Mynx
Notable reward(s)  [Amber Shardhide],  [Battle-Hardened Aquilon],  [Battlefield Swarmer Harness],  [Winter Wilderling Harness],  [Pale Gravewing]
Tabard Death's Advance Tabard.png

Death's Advance is a reputation faction in Korthia, representing the combined might of the four covenants and their assault on the Maw.


The combined might of the Shadowlands covenants, brought forth to breach the Sanctum of Domination.

Death's Advance uses the standard reputation progression:

Standing Overall rep To next level
Neutral 0 - 2,999 3,000
Friendly 3,000 - 8,999 6,000
Honored 9,000 - 20,999 12,000
Revered 21,000 - 41,999 21,000
Exalted 42,000 10,000
Paragon n/a 10,000

Each 10,000 reputation gained beyond exalted will award a paragon box, the  [Death's Advance Supplies], which will contain 3,500 - 5,000g, and a chance at  [Beryl Shardhide],  [Fierce Razorwing], or  [Mosscoated Hopper].


Duchess Mynx.

Duchess Mynx
<Death's Advance Quartermaster>
Rep Item Cost Type
Friendly  [Korthian Armaments] 1000 Stygia Item level 200 catchup armor
 [Vault Anima Tracker] 1000 Stygia Maw upgrade
Honored  [Recipe: Crafter's Mark III] 2000 Stygia Recipe
 [Tome of Origins] 2000 Stygia Recipe for  [Vestige of Origins]
 [Mantle of Death's Advance] 500 Stygia Cosmetic cloak
 [Domestic Aunian] 50 Polished Pet Charm 1500 Stygia Companion pet
 [Cincture of Enveloping Death] 2000 Stygia Item level 220 cloth waist
 [Gloves of Advancing Death] 2000 Stygia Item level 220 leather gloves
 [Chain of Encircling Death] 2000 Stygia Item level 220 mail belt
 [Gauntlets of Death's Guardian] 2000 Stygia Item level 220 plate gloves
Revered  [Technique: Contract: Death's Advance] 2500 Stygia Shadowlands inscription (60)
 [Amber Shardhide] 5000 Stygia Mount (75)
Exalted  [Death's Advance Tabard] 3000 Stygia Tabard
 [Ensemble: Battlefield Messenger's Regalia] 6000 Stygia Kyrian transmog set
 [Ensemble: Frontline Necromancer's Vestments] 6000 Stygia Necrolord transmog set
 [Ensemble: Garb of Fall's Promise] 6000 Stygia Night Fae transmog set
 [Ensemble: Renathal's Field Inquisitor's Vestments] 6000 Stygia Venthyr transmog set
 [Battle-Hardened Aquilon] 1000 Stygia Mount (75), Kyrian only
 [Battlefield Swarmer Harness] 1000 Stygia Mount (75), Necrolord only
 [Winter Wilderling Harness] 1000 Stygia Mount (75), Night Fae only
 [Pale Gravewing] 1000 Stygia Mount (75), Venthyr only


The following sources grant standing with the faction:

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