Death's Breach.

Death's Breach is a plateau below Acherus: The Ebon Hold in the Eastern Plaguelands, to the west of Havenshire. It can be accessed directly by going through the cave in the Noxious Glade. Ebon Hold can be access the by taking the teleporter located in the northern part of the breach, directly east from the tunnel to the Noxious Glade. A ramp on each side of the plateau leads down into the Ruins of the Scarlet Enclave. Death's Breach changes throughout the Phases of the Scarlet Enclave.

Wrath of the Lich King

Below is the changes of Death's Breach during the many Phases of the Scarlet Enclave (The death knight starting area.).

Phase One

During Phase one of the Scarlet Enclave Death's Breach is the staging area for the beginning of the Scourge's final assault on the Scarlet Crusade. The area has multiple Death Knight initiates around the area, as well as other undead. One can observe Initiates going through similar "quests" as the player's death knight, from landing at Death's Breach, to attacking the Scarlet Crusade. Prince Valanar can be found leading the Undead in the area, upon finishing the quest, The Scarlet Harvest he along with the other commanders at Death's Breach begin to give quests which involve the assault on Havenshire.

Phase Two

During the Second Phase of the Scarlet Enclave Death's Breach has become the main base of the Scourge on the ground. The Town of Havenshire having been taken over and destroyed. The former Death Knight Initiates (now Death Knights proper) wait anxiously for the order to join the battle as Prince Valanar gives a speech upon a newly added stage. Death's Breach plays less of a role now as the Crypt of Remembrance has taken its place as the forward base for the attack on New Avalon, The Scarlet Crusade's base of operations in the Scarlet Enclave.

Phase Three

As of Phase Three of the Scarlet Enclave the Death's Breach has been mostly deserted, most of the Scourge's forces having moved to the battle front for the last attacks. Death's Breach now houses one of the last quests in the Scarlet Enclave, and the highest leaders of the Scourge during this attack are present, Including the Lich King. The Stage has been removed, replaced with a small staircase leading up to a platform where the Lich King stands, taunting the Scarlet Crusade. The final evolution of the Death Knight Initiates, Death Knight Champions, are found at the ramps of Death's Breach, fighting back the attacking crusaders.

After the Scarlet Enclave

Upon finishing the Final Quests and leaving the instanced Scarlet Enclave, one will find that like Havenshire and New Avalon, Death's Breach has been abandoned. The Tents remain, the Lich King's platform does not however. Transport to and from Acherus has been removed in favor of the Death Knight's Death Gate. This also keeps others out of Acherus through normal means. Death Knights can also use the flight path to get into the Ebon Hold, should they not want to use or cannot use Death Gate.



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