Death From Below (Classic)

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For the updated version, see N [10-30] Death From Below.
NeutralDeath From Below
Start Shakes O'Breen
End Shakes O'Breen
Level 44 (Requires 38)
Experience 6600
Reputation 350 Booty Bay
-350 Bloodsail Buccaneers
Rewards  [Coldwater Ring] or
 [Seafire Band]
Previous N [40] Sunken Treasure


Protect Shakes O'Breen during the attack.


This is bad. It seems the Daggerspines are amassing for an attack.

Naga are known for their ruthlessness in battle. They will keep attacking until I am dead.

I don't value my own life above that of my crew members, but you must help to defend me. The crew will not be able to make it back to Booty Bay without my knowledge of the seas.

The naga will be coming from the sea. I need you to remain up here with me to fend off the attack. Man the cannon and drive them back.

Are you ready, <name>?


There is a cannon on the ship which you can use to fire the cannon. You should be able to wipe out the waves of nagas with just the cannon.


You may choose one of the following:
Inv jewelry ring 10.png [Coldwater Ring] Inv jewelry ring 04.png [Seafire Band]



  1. N [40] Sunken Treasure
  2. N [40] Sunken Treasure
  3. N [40] Sunken Treasure
  4. N [40] Sunken Treasure
  5. N [40] Sunken Treasure
  6. N [44] Death From Below

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