Death Knight Initiate

Not to be confused with Death Knight Initiate (Icecrown).
Neutral 32.png Death Knight Initiate
Death Knight Initiate.jpg
Image of Death Knight Initiate
Race Varies (Humanoid)
Level 8-30
Class Death knight
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Acherus: The Ebon Hold, Death's Breach and Havenshire, Scarlet Enclave
Status Active

Death Knight Initiates are death knights located in the Scarlet Enclave.




Raising of a Death Knight Initiate

This scripted scenario takes place during the first phase of the death knight starting area aboard Acherus: the Ebon Hold. It is interesting to watch, because here we get to see first-hand the process involved in death knights being "born" and conscripted into the Scourge. It is quite possible that the player's death knight has gone through the exact same process.

Beginning the process

Inspector Razuvious approaches a group of freshly-dead bodies lying in a corner of Acherus' heart. One or two Acherus Necromancers are nearby awaiting his orders. Razuvious points at one of the bodies.

Instructor Razuvious says: This one...

An Acherus Necromancer raises the body as a Death Knight Initiate.

After this, one of two things can happen: a champion of the Scourge can be initiated, or a failure will be fed to the ghouls. Let's look at both scenarios.


The following is an example of a successful death knight initiation.

The Initiate says one of the following:
"The voice... such splendor... Arthas... My king..."
"Reborn, I shall become an instrument of doom..."
"Dark energy courses through me... Such power! I hunger for more!"
"I return from the grave to my master's bidding."
Inspector Razuvious will then say one of the following:
"The Lich King will be pleased with this initiate."
"Amidst the wretch, a champion has been found."
"CHAOS! DOOM! DESTRUCTION! This one will claim them all!"
"Marvel at its tenacity and vigor! A champion has been found!"
"A harbinger of death is reborn..."
Having found a champion, Instructor Razuvious will turn to one of the Acherus Necromancers.
Instructor Razuvious says: Place upon it the trappings befitting a herald of Arthas.
Acherus Necromancer says: Right away, instructor.
Acherus Necromancer will then approach the Death Knight Initiate and clothe him/her in his/her death knight armor.
Instructor Razuvious says: Listen, death knight... Listen for the voice of your master. He calls to you now.
Instructor Razuvious says: Stand and be measured! Rise, for your master awaits your arrival. Go now!
The Death Knight Initiate will then say one of the following:
"Victory to the Scourge!"
"I live only to serve the Lich King!"
"As you command, instructor!"
The Initiate then runs to the Lich King and kneels before him, saying one of the following:
"Woe unto those that dare oppose the Scourge!"
"I am reborn, my king, only to serve you."
"I am an instrument of your destruction, my king. Command me!"
"Our enemies will be annihilated!"
"A thousand-thousand lives I will sacrifice for you, my lord."
"I am yours to command, my king!"
"There will be no survivors, my lord."
"My king, the world will tremble in reverence..."


However, if the Acherus Necromancer raises an Initiate that isn't worthy, the scenario will play out like this.

The Initiate will say one of the following:
"Where am I? What is this place?"
"Who... who are you? Who... what am I?"
"I hurt... suffering unbearable... end my pain... I beg of you!"
"I... I have awoken to a nightmare?"
Inspector Razuvious will then say one of the following:
"Another failure..."
"This one has awoken too soon. It retains emotion and memory..."
"I smell its fear..."
followed by
Instructor Razuvious says: You have been measured and found wanting...
Razuvious turns to the Acherus Necromancer.
Instructor Razuvious says: Dispose of it...
Acherus Necromancer says: Yes, instructor.
Acherus Necromancer says: Rise, minions. Rise and feast upon the weak!
The necromancer summons three or four Acherus Ghouls, who make quick work of the Initiate.

At Death's Breach

  • You will hear their cries from up here, my lord!
  • My blade thirsts for blood!
  • Our enemies will fall!
  • For the Lich King!
  • Suffering to the weak!
  • Death to the living!

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