Death Talon Pack

After defeating Vaelastrasz the Corrupt your raid will soon meet the death talon packs. Above the Vaelastrasz chamber is a room, where two of these packs are located, each pack consisting of a semi-random ensemble of 4 different monster types, with a total of 6 mobs per pull. Don't think that they'll be easy just because you've beaten Vael! Each pack has at least one monster of each category and never more than one captain.


The packs are best pulled back to Vaelastrasz room. This fight requires FR only for the tanks, especially the seether tanks. The raid stays under the balcony right under the entrance to the room with the pack. One hunter and a couple of druids go upstairs. Have the targets assigned to the warriors BEFORE you pull. After the hunter pulls, he/she jumps down the balcony and hides under it to make the pack run for him. He will eat some damage, but nothing huge. The druids on the balcony have to keep the wyrmkins sleeping, for they are a huge threat to the raid with their fireball volley. As the tanks pick up their targets, they should ensure that the seethers and flamescales are far away from the Captain to prevent them from gaining his Aura of Flames. The basic killing order is: Seethers, Flamescales, Captains and at last the Wyrmkins.

  • Seethers hit harder than the other adds in these pulls, and when enraged their attack speed doubles. Hunters need to be assigned to Seethers to mitigate the damage their enrage causes. Seethers have a fire attack that hits their aggro target which makes them take 1k extra fire damage from all fire attacks (reducible by FR). This makes it critical to keep the Seethers away from the Captain.
  • Flamescales hit reasonably hard, have a fire attack, and randomly intercept. This intercept only hits for 300 damage or so, so it is not much to worry about.
  • Captains hit reasonably hard, and have both Mark of Detonation and Aura of Flames. The Mark of Detonation is a debuff cast on someone randomly in the raid, which explodes to hit everyone around the target for decent damage. This needs to be dispelled. Aura of Flames is effectively a fire-based thorns spell, that can hit the attacker for as much as 200 fire damage per hit, although usually much less. This aura affects all the death talons within range, maybe 30-40 yards. Tanks who are beating on Seethers with the Aura will suddenly find themselves taking 1100 fire damage (modified by FR) every time they do damage, which is not tenable. Captains can be killed before flamescales if the raid is uncomfortable with dispelling the MoD; but they have twice the hp of the flamescales, so it is generally more efficient to drop the Flamescales first.