HordeDeathguard Lundmark
Image of Deathguard Lundmark
Gender Male
Race Forsaken (Humanoid)
Level 1-30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Undercity, Deathguard
Location Tirisfal Glades
Status Active

Old model.

Deathguard Lundmark is a wandering Forsaken guard located the road between Deathknell and the Undercity in Tirisfal Glades. He can provide directions to various locations.



What are you looking for?

Gossip The Bank

  • What could you possibly need a bank for? Very well, you'll need to go through the Ruins of Lordaeron to the south of Brill. In the back are a set of elevators leading down into the Undercity. When you get there stop any of those lumbering Abominations they like to call an Undercity Guardian and ask it for better directions.
  • We don't have a bank here in Brill, you'll have to go to the Undercity for that. At the back of the Ruins of Lordaeron to the south are elevators that will take you down into the Undercity. Once there, ask one of the Undercity Guardians for more precise directions.

Gossip The bat handler

Looking to fly somewhere? Anette Williams, in the western part of town, can get you there on one of her trained bats.

Gossip The inn

Innkeeper Renee has moved to the large building in the center of town. It's the biggest building in Brill... Very hard to miss.

Gossip The stable master

  • Not too clever are you? Hmm, if I were a stable master perhaps I might be in the vicinity of say, the stable? Look for Morganus over there.
  • Morganus the stable master can be found out in front of the stables strangely enough.

Gossip A class trainer

Which trainer do you seek?
Gossip Hunter
Dedlow Wormwood's the corpse you want. He's usually around the south end of town.
Gossip Mage
Do I look to you like I cast spells? Well, I did hear that Cain Firesong now hangs out in the laboratory, always working on something unsavory.
Gossip Paladin
Paladin? Have you been partaking of the Apothecary's concoctions or some such thing? I have heard a rumor that some elven contingent is visiting the Dark Lady within the Undercity. Perhaps one of them might know.
Gossip Priest
Ah, you seek Dark Cleric Beryl. He's now resides in the eastern building.
Gossip Rogue
Marion Call is lurking under the stairs in the inn.
Gossip Warlock
That's Rupert Boch you're looking for. He now resides in the basement of the inn.
Gossip Warrior
Yeah, that would be Austil de Mon. You will find him standing guard near one of the meatwagons, near the inn.

Gossip A profession trainer

You want Nedric Sallow, in the inn.
He's just to the right of the stairs down.

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