The Deathknell Graves.

The Deathknell Graves is a mass grave outside the Shadow Grave in Deathknell. All undead player characters start here, waiting to be "resurrected" by their first quest, given by the val'kyr Agatha. A grave marker next to the player reads, "Corpse of <player name>".

In addition to Agatha, two other val'kyr, Arthura and Aradne, are present as well. Arthura will patrol the area while Aradne goes about attempting to resurrect the Risen Dead in a periodic scripted event with mixed results.

Upon approaching a corpse, Aradne will say something such as, "Rise from the grave and serve the Dark Lady!" While the Risen Dead often either embrace their fate or at least resign themselves to it and seek assistance from Undertaker Mordo, they will sometimes react similarly to Lilian Voss and declare, "I should be dead and to death I will return!" They will then perform a death animation. They also occasionally say, "I never asked for this! Leave me alone!" after which they perform an enrage animation and become one of the Mindless Zombies who wander the area.

Other recent arrivals from death include Darnell, an companion NPC similar to Zuni who follows the player. Additionally, Caretaker Caice sends players to introduce Voss, Marshal Redpath and Valdred Moray to their new lives.

Known departed

Patch changes

  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Subzone added to existing area.

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