For the pre-Cataclysm version, see H [11] Deaths in the Family.
HordeDeaths in the Family
Start Coleman Farthing [54.6, 29.9]
End Coleman Farthing [54.6, 29.9]
Level 1-30
Category Tirisfal Glades
Experience 775
Reputation +250 Undercity
Rewards  [Darkwood Staff] or  [Bonecracker]
Previous H [1-30] The Family Crypt
Next H [1-30] Speak with Sevren


Obtain Gregor's Remains, Nissa's Remains, Thurman's Remains, and Devlin's Remains.


The Agamand family was the most prosperous family in Tirisfal Glades. I used to work their mills...before the plague.

When the Scourge first came, the Agamands fortified their home and convinced those in their employ to remain and help them defend. We were fools, but at least we were loyal fools.

The Agamands, in their pride, doomed us to undeath. And now they are minions of the Scourge!

Serve the Forsaken by defeating the Agamands who fell to the Plague. Serve me by bringing me their remains.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv staff 16.png [Darkwood Staff] Inv mace 04.png [Bonecracker]

You will receive: 3s


Do you have the remains of the Agamands? Are those cursed beasts finally destroyed?


Revenge has a sweet taste, don't you think? When you destroyed the Agamands, did you catch any hint of free will within them? I hope so. I hope they knew fear before they were smashed into oblivious.

It's a foolish hope, I know. But it is a hope I foster nonetheless.


  • Devlin is in front of the barn:
Devlin Agmand says: The Agmand Mills is held by the Scourge, <Class>. Join us!
  • Nissa is upstairs in the farmhouse
  • Thurman and Gregor are on either side of a windmill to the northwest of the farm


  1. H [1-30] Garren's Haunt
  2. H [1-30] Doom Weed
  3. H [1-30] Off the Scales & H [1-30] Planting the Seed of Fear
  4. H [1-30] Head for the Mills (optional)
  5. H [1-30] The Family Crypt
  6. H [1-30] The Mills Overrun & H [1-30] Deaths in the Family
  7. H [1-30] Speak with Sevren
  8. H [1-30] The Grasp Weakens
  9. H [1-30] East... Always to the East
  10. H [1-30] At War With The Scarlet Crusade
  11. H [1-30] A Deadly New Ally
  12. H [1-30] A Daughter's Embrace
  13. H [1-30] To Bigger and Better Things
  14. H [1-30] Take to the Skies

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