The Deaths of Chromie
The Deaths of Chromie loading screen.jpg
Location Various Locations
Instance info
Type Scenario
Advised level 110
Player limit 1

The Deaths of Chromie is a single-player scenario where one helps Chromie prevent her death against unknown opponents.[1]

The level of your character and mobs is turned to 47.

Before beginning

Before starting the event, Chromie goes to the future and sees her death occurring. She goes into the future again to ask if something had been going on lately. Alexstrasza speaks about undead at the Ruby Dragonshrine. Kalecgos speaks of ley-line disturbance at the Azure Dragonshrine. Lord Itharius speaks about ancients being unable to rest at the Emerald Dragonshrine. Future Chromie speaks of Wrathion at the Obsidian Dragonshrine.

Choose your talents

Reputation Talent 1 Talent 2
Whelpling Time Stop (Deaths of Chromie) Acceleration
Temporal Trainee Accelerated Aggression Rapid Recovery
Timehopper Dragon's Determination Chrono Charisma
Chrono-Friend Insight Blessing of the Bronze Dragonflight
Bronze Ally Fortuitous
Epoch-Mender Infinite Velocity Keepsake Continuum
Timelord Dragon Crash

Time chests

Thought the scenario, you can find Time Chests. These contain between 1-4 Sands of Time.


Every mob killed gives reputation with Chromie, which is required in order to unlock all of the talent tree.


Outside in Dragonblight

World map of Dragonblight during the scenario.

Near each of the Dragonshines (and Wyrmrest Temple) are five rare elites. While you are not required to fight them, it is advised you do so. They have small health pools, their damage is low, they always spawn and they drop between 1-4  [Sands of Time] each.

Obsidian Dragonshrine

Obsidian Dragonshrine's cave world map.

In order to save Chromie, you must kill Zorathides.

First time

If this is your first time, you must first make your way through the Obsidian Dragonshrine in the far north. Go into the cave, up the ramp, across the interweaving path, kill the Charredbone Goliath. After this, run back outside and turn left while exiting. Zorathides is on the right side of the entrance if the goliath has already been slain.


It all started when Chromie noticed Wrathion going to the Obsidian Dragonshrine. She didn't know why but decided not to follow.

It is revealed that a demon, named Zorathides, has raised the smoldering undead as a distraction in order to release a clear shot spell at Wyrmrest Temple to kill Chromie.


An adventurer and past Chromie appear and ask Wrathion to explain. He told them that an unknown demonic force has occupied the abandoned Obsidian Dragonshrine. While his father was evil, he told them that he would never partner with the Burning Legion. The adventurer and Chromie go deep in the cave and after facing Smoldering Geist, Smoldering Skeleton, Smoldering Construct, they come face to face with a Charredbone Goliath. With its defeat, the dreadlord reveals himself, telling his master that he only needs a clear shot. The two of them search outside the dragonshrine and found him hiding. They kill him and one of Chromie's assassins is taken care of.

Time-saving tips

  • Once the goliath has been looted, the demon will always be located in the same place outside the cave.
  • The goliath is on the left side arm at the end of the criss-crossed Ragefire Chasm-style part of the cave with bridges. There is also a 1-way exit on this side that leads back to the entrance of the cave.

Ruby Dragonshrine

In order to save Chromie, you must kill Talar Icechill.

First time

If this is your first time, you must first acquire  [Soul Crystal] to reveal Talar Icechill. To achieve this you must combine three  [Soul Crystal Fragment] to create it. These fragments are obtained from Talar's lieutenants; Earlis the Deathrider, Alyndriel Graveborn, Festerbloat.

When obtained, go inside the tree and Chromie will summon Talar.


At the Ruby Dragonshrine, Sanctum Guardian Xerestrasza is leading the defense against the undead. She explains that while a ghoul or two attack the dragonshrine daily, today was different. An army of undead marched on them and their leader hid himself inside the middle tree.

It is revealed that Talar Icechill is ready to launch an attack on Chromie. The lich will cast a necromatic spell that will hit Wyrmrest Temple and kill Chromie.


An adventurer and past Chromie appear and ask Xerestrasza to explain. They both agree to help defend the dragonshrine and find out who is behind this. They kill the attacker's lieutenants and create a  [Soul Crystal] to reveal the Lich. They kill him and one of Chromie's assassins is taken care of.

Time-saving tips

  • The abomination miniboss is on the northeastern side of the tree, away from the rest of the minibosses.
  • After you open a portal at Wyrmrest Temple, you can simply kill the lich without taking care of his lieutenants. The cave entrance is located on the south side of the tree.

Emerald Dragonshrine

In order to save Chromie, you must kill Thalas Vylethorn.

First time

If this is your first time, you must kill Emerald Lashers and Emerald Skytalons. They drop Emeraldine Plumes and Twisted Fibers which if you have 6 plumes and 10 Fibers, you will create a  [Nightmare-Catcher].

Once you have one of the Nightmare-Catchers, you can go to the sleepless ancients Elder Aldera, Bloombeard and Barkhyron. Once there activate the Nightmare-Catcher, you must kill the Dream Tormentors. Each ancient will give you a clue to Chromie murderer. You must put all three to rest before you can summon Thalas Vylethorn. Once you are at the skeletal dragon's claw, Chromie will summon Thalas Vylethorn. Kill him and Chromie is saved.


It all started when Lord Itharius learned of the ancients at Emerald Dragonshrine. He doesn't know why and entrusts Nishera the Garden Keeper to figure it out.

It is revealed that a demon named Thalas Vylethorn, has been behind the ancients restlessness from the Emerald Nightmare. He plans to release a clear shot spell at Wyrmrest Temple to kill Chromie.


An adventurer and past Chromie appear and ask Nishera the Garden Keeper to explain. She says that the ancients can't sleep anymore. They agree to help Nishera find the cause of this problem. They started to kill Emerald Lashers and Emerald Skytalons in order to get Emeraldine Plumes and Twisted Fibers to create a  [Nightmare-Catcher].

They do this three times and go to the ancients Elder Aldera, Bloombeard, Barkhyron and ease them by killing their Dream Tormentors from the Emerald Nightmare. The three ancient reveal the location of the one responsible for the ancients unrest. A satyr named Thalas Vylethorn is behind the attack. The two of them search around the dragonshrine and found him hiding under a dead dragon's claw. They kill him and one of Chromie's assassins is taken care of.

Time-saving tips

  • Make use of ranged abilities to pull the Skytalon birds together, as they are quite spread out.
  • The satyr demon will always be located in the same place, so simply go to him.

Azure Dragonshrine

In order to save Chromie, you must kill the Void Gargantuan.

First time

Immediately rush to the bottom of the Azure Dragonshrine and start killing Leyline Elementals and Ley Wyrms. Kill enough of them until you are able to loot 50  [Darkened Scrap of Vellum]. Combine the pieces to create a  [Voidcallers' Scroll].

Fly to the top of the right floating platform and wait for Chromie to summon the Void Gargantuan. Start moving and dodging when he casts the Shadow Zones, as they deal high damage. Kill the void lord and you win.


It all started when Kalecgos notices the Ley lines acting strangely. He didn't think much of it as it is normal for Ley lines to be a bit unstable at the Azure Dragonshrine.

It is revealed that a Void Gargantuan is planning to use the Ley lines to release a clear shot spell at Wyrmrest Temple to kill Chromie.


An adventurer and past Chromie appear and ask Cyrrigos to explain. He tells them that while it is normal for ley lines acting strangely, he believes that something is disturbing them for their own purpose.

The adventurer and past Chromie go down on the grounds of the Azure Dragonshrine. After killing Leyline Elementals and Ley Wyrms, they gather 50  [Darkened Scrap of Vellum].

Combining them together they created a  [Voidcallers' Scroll]. They fly to the top of one of the platforms and summon the one who had been causing the confusion in the ley lines, Void Gargantuan. They kill it and one of Chromie's assassins is taken care of.

Time-saving tips

  • The void lord will always be located on the same platform so simply go to him.
  • The arcane walkers seem to drop slightly more scroll fragments than the other mobs.

The Well of Eternity

The Well of Eternity's world map.

In order to save Chromie, you must rush through the Well of Eternity and defeat Grolethax.

The Well of Eternity is a race against time. It is a long run that will require you to get to Grolethax and kill him as soon as possible. On the grounds of the well, there are many mobs with slow down ability that will slow you down to waste your time. After you made it to Queen Azshara's Palace, mount up and rush to Grolethax. The demon is located at the place where you fought the first boss in the Well of Eternity. If you don't have Tyrande's Moonstone, this may take a while.


Before the heroes arrive to claim the Demon Soul in order to defeat Deathwing, Chromie arrived early and was burned by felfire (presumably by Grolethax). Her dying body is discovered by her present-day Chromie and an adventurer. In order to save herself, Chrome needs to get her past self through the portal which Nozdormu opens to retrieve the Demon Soul. However, a demon named Grolethax is trying to prevent the dragon from leaving so she can die in the past.

Chromie and the adventurer rush to the demon and kill him, allowing her past self to be saved.

Time-saving tips

  • Avoid confrontations at all costs.
  • Grolethax needs to die, an invisible wall blocks your way if he is still alive.
  • The transport portal can only be used when out of combat, but if you are a night elf, you can cheese it by getting to the portal leading to Queen Azshara's Palace and [Shadowmeld] if chased. However, this still needs some luck, as Chromie's AI may get stuck fighting monsters along the way.

The Burning of Mount Hyjal

Mount Hyjal's world map.

In order to save Chromie, you must survive five waves of monsters.

Chromie needs to be defended in this portal. On the first wave, you must take out a Searing Overlord and four Flame Hounds. On the second wave, you must take out a Searing Overlord and four Seething Pyrelords. On the third wave, you must take out a Firelord. On the fourth wave, you must take out ten Blazing Phoenixes. On the last wave, you must take out a Fiery Behemoth. If you don't have the  [Brimstone Beacon], you will be forced to fight through the waves.


During the Cataclysm, adventurers were sent to Sethria's Roost take out large fire elemental. Chromie was one possible follower who would appear.

Regardless of how events transpired, Chromie has been beaten and just before a Fiery Behemoth appears to finish the job, an adventurer from the future comes by and gives Chromie enough time to gather her energy and hearthstone away.

Time-saving tips

  • This is one of those events that will take you some time. if you don't have a  [Brimstone Beacon], engage ALL THE ENEMIES and down them as fast as possible.
  • AoE spells are suggested when dealing with the waves.
  • To grab them all, kite them next to one another as Chromie will try to freeze them in place if you get too far away from them.
  • Rush immediately to the downed Chromie (not the companion Chromie), as the waves will only start when you get close to her.

Battle for Andorhal

Western Plaguelands' world map.

In order to save Chromie, you must destroy the opposite faction's siege cannon.

If you don't have the  [Cenarion Circle Documents], you will have to destroy the cannon yourself. However, initially attacking it is a waste of time. You need to remove the buffs Electrokinetic Defense Grid and Heavy Iron Plating before doing so.

To remove Electrokinetic Defense Grid you need to loot the  [Lightning Absorption Capsule]. (If you are Alliance you need to kill Roobi Skizzelvolt, If you are Horde you need to kill Gatzin Zapwrench)

To remove Heavy Iron Plating you need to loot the  [Experimental Alchemy Reagent]. (If you are Alliance you need to kill Apothecary Tillings, If you are Horde you need to kill Potionmaster Donovan)

However, even with these buff removed, the cannon still has a lot of health. To fully destroy the cannon, you need to loot the  [Military Explosives]. (If you are Alliance you need to kill Deathguard War-Captain, If you are Horde you need to kill Alliance Force-Commander).

Depending on your buffs, you will require between 1-3 Military Explosives.

When the cannon is destroyed, you have saved Chromie and can return via the portal to Wyrmrest Temple.


Main quest

Presumably taking place after the Scourge was driven out of Andorhal, Chromie used to reside in Andorhal before the Alliance and the Horde. While the first time she left with is not problem, this time she is being attacked from both sides. With two cannons firing at the Town Hall, Chromie is trapped.

Chromie's future self arrives with an adventurer and travel around the city to get materials to blow up the cannon. Once one cannon is destroyed, Chromie is able to escape.

Cenarion's aid

Unhappy with watching both sides killing each other, the tauren Adrine Towhide is found inside the town hall healing the wounded from both sides. Should she receive the  [Cenarion Circle Documents], she will take out the cannon for Chromie.

Faction champions

There are several named powerful NPCs running around, killing them will yield Sands of Time.

Alliance Horde
IconSmall Gnome Male.gif Gatzin Zapwrench IconSmall Goblin Female.gif Roobi Skizzelvolt
IconSmall Human Male.gif Potionmaster Donovan IconSmall Undead Female.gif Apothecary Tillings
IconSmall Dwarf Male.gif Brother Grigory IconSmall Tauren Female.gif Talessah Towhide
IconSmall Draenei Female.gif Magus Araana IconSmall Troll Female.gif Hexweaver Jakunda
IconSmall Worgen Male.gif Briggs IconSmall Orc Male.gif Gro'thogg

Time-saving tips

  • You are only required to kill Gatzin Zapwrench/Roobi Skizzelvolt (for Alliance characters) and Potionmaster Donovan/Apothecary Tillings (for Horde characters).
  • You may want to ignore the other champions as they only drop Sands of Time, have a lot of health and have nasty abilities that will either keep you in place (root), heal, or knock you back which will waste time.

The culling of Stratholme

See also: Culling of Stratholme (disambiguation)

Old Stratholme's world map.

In order to save Chromie, you must make your way to the Crusaders' Square and kill Nezar'Azret.

If you don't have the  [Stratholme Gate Key], you will have to go to Emery Neill for the  [Town Hall Door Key]. This requires you to run errands for Emery around Stratholme. With the town being on lock down, Emery requires you to go around town and fetch him some  [Salted Venison Jerky],  [Grimm's Special Pipe Blend] and  [Marigold Bouquet]. However, before he gives you the key, you must go give the Marigold Bouquet to Orphan Matron Meliana. She then asks for items to protect her kids after witnessing Arthas murder a person in cold Blood. Now her errand boy, you must bring her some  [Salted Venison Jerky],  [Basic Cloth Bandages] and a  [Refurbished Military Rifle]. You then go back to Emery and he asks you to bring him a  [Flinty Firestarter] and a  [Heavy Straw Rope]. After all this is done, make your way to Crusaders' Square just like the original dungeon. When you arrive, kill Nezar'Azret.


Main quest

Before Chromie could instruct the five adventurers to help Arthas survive the Culling of Stratholme. She is kidnapped by Nezar'Azret and taken to Crusaders' Square. They were followed by Tick and now waits outside Stratholme.

A love not meant to be

Emery Neill has a crush on Orphan Matron Meliana, but he won't admit it. He sends an adventurer to get him supplies, including flowers. He asks the adventurer to deliver the flowers to Orphan Matron Meliana and tell her they are for the kids. She immediately realizes that they are intended for her and blushes. Meliana has a crush on Emery, but she also won't admit it, calling Emery a big dummy. Soon after Arthas appears and kills of one of the citizens. Afraid for her safety and the orphans, she asks the adventurer to bring her some supplies to defend herself with. One of those supplies was some Salted Venison Jerky and when you bring it to her, she asks the adventurer to deliver it to Emery. When Emery receives it, he gives a soft smile. Deciding not to go down without a fight, Emery asks the adventurer to bring him some equipment to help him burn down the inn. For his help, Emery finally gives the key.


Time-saving tips

  • If you have the  [Stratholme Gate Key], simply unlock it to get to Nezar'Azret.
  • The items they ask are always the same. While they cannot be seen on the first try, unlocking when their respective quests are unlocked, after that it will be possible to buy them before accepting the quests.
    • An exception is the Jerky, which has a Unique (2) tag, indicating that a spare can be bought for the Matron's quest before unlocking it, which is useful because the jerky shop is furthest away from the quest givers; however, the gun and bandage items will not be purchasable without the appropriate quest.

Trash novelty

 [Sands of Time]

 [Sands of Time] are trinkets you can get by killing bosses and elites. They give you a choice of several buffs and rewards. You may only pick one.


Sometimes, you will be able to get a  [Time-Lost Keepsake Box], which will contain one of the following items:

Note that you cannot get a shortcut for a challenge that you have not completed normally yet.

Timewarped Badges

Should you choose this, you will get 10 Timewarped Badges. You can get it again.

Movement speed

You can also get the opportunity to increases your flight and running speed by 10%. You can get it multiple times.


Time Buff.

Should you get the opportunity to get the Time Buff, you will be able to increase the time limit of 15 minutes. This can range from 10 to 30 seconds. You can get it more than once.

Bronze Drake

Bronze Drake Buff.

Should you get the opportunity to get Bronze Drake buff. Once activated, Bronze Drake appears. He will travel to a remaining Dragonshrine and take out the threat for you. Should all four Dragonshrine be dealt with, the drake gives you a buff instead. The buff is called Chrono Charisma, which gives you a 100% increase for Chromie's Reputation.


You have to opportunity to earn easy reputation with Chromie. This can be a simple +50, +100 +200 reputation. Another reputation is a buff that increases reputation with Chromie by killing mobs. This buff is called  [Favor of the Bronze].


There is a change to gain treasure, this can be a  [Time-Lost Wallet].


You can also get the opportunity to increases your damage. The Buff is called Fangs of the Bronze which increases your damage by 10%. You can get it multiple times.


You can also get the opportunity to increases your defense. The Buff is called Hide of the Bronze which deceased the damage you take by 10%. You can get it multiple times.


Should you be able to complete The Deaths of Chromie scenario, you will earn one of the following:

From a  [Time-Lost Wallet], you can gain  [Ageless Bronze Drake] and  [Bronze Proto-Whelp].

Reaching Timelord friendship rank will award you  [Chromie Homie] and the '<Timelord>' title.


Pro tips

  • Kill the five Rare Elites in Dragonblight.
  • Gather as much  [Sands of Time] as you can and activate them immediately.
  • Complete the four Dragonshrines first on your first true. (Open all Chornoportals first.)
  • Once you get the hang of it, always start with the Dragonshines.
  • Always asks for the Bronze dragonflight's assistance. The drake will always clear a Dragonshrine.
  • Buy all the items in Stratholme before starting your questline for the key.
  • You can fly in the Battle for Andorhal.


Occulus DOC.jpg

  • Occulus was a part of the scenario during the PTR where he would be summoned to assist Chromie and the adventurer. He was replaced by Bronze Drake.
  • During the PTR, Chromie had a small conversation after completing the final quest:[2]
Chromie says: Everything seems... back to normal. The Timelines are clearer. I don't see myself dying anymore.
Chromie says: That's good!
Chromie says: There ARE a few things still bothering me, though...
Chromie says: A whole lot of people seemed very intent on killing me. Demons, elements, undead, void lords... even the Horde and the Alliance!
Chromie says: Why's everybody so mad at me? I think we should probably figure that out, eventually.
Chromie says: But that's a problem for the future us! Well, future you and past me. Aw, don't worry about it. Time is complicated.
Chromie says: See you next time, <name>!
  • As confirmed by the developers, the settings implied the next expansion will involve dragons.[3]
  • The scenario uses the Northrend map and thus does not include any of the damage from the Dragon Soul instance, including the maws in the ground and the destroyed top of Wyrmrest Temple.
  • Prior to the BFA Prepatch (patch 9.0.1), the scenario was scaled to level 112.

Patches and hotfixes

  • Legion Hotfix (2017-06-14):
    • Andorhal: Brother Grigory and Talessah Towhide should cast their full heal spell less often.
    • In Dragonblight, Chromie is now a very important NPC, well-marked on maps, and player-versus-player activities are forbidden in the area around her.
  • Legion Patch 7.2.5 (2017-06-13): Added.


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