Race(s) OrcOrc Orc
OgreOgre Ogre
Character classes Acolyte, Warlock
Base of operations Twilight Ridge
Theater of operations Nagrand
Affiliation Burning Legion
Status Active

Twilight Ridge.jpg

The Deathshadow[1] is a Burning Legion cult, presumably a part of the Shadow Council, located on Twilight Ridge in Nagrand. They are trying to stabilize one of the four dimensional gateways, which seems to be still be intact,[1] which Magtheridon used to bring demons from the Twisting Nether under his control.

The Dragonmaw have orders from Illidan snuff out Burning Legion activity in Outland, a task which they leave to their captains. As such Overlord Mor'ghor sends disguised adventurers to strike against inhabitants of the Twilight Ridge in order to put an end to their operations.[1]



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