AllianceDeciphering the Book
Start Battered Ancient Book
End Anchorite Paetheus
Level 1-30
Category Bloodmyst Isle
Experience 1150 EXP (or 7s 20c at level 70)
Rewards +250 Exodar
Previous A [1-30] A Map to Where?
Next A [1-30] Nolkai's Words


Take the Ancient Journal to Anchorite Paetheus in Blood Watch.


Lacking the means to read the book's contents, you think about who might be able to help you separate the author's words from the mapmaker's scrawl.

Remembering Anchorite Paetheus's collection of artifacts from countless cultures, you wonder if his experienced eye might be able to help you decipher the book's contents.


The Light shine upon you in all your endeavors, <class>. What is it you have there?


Hmm... this is most intriguing. Yes, I should be able to make out what the original author wrote in the pages of this book.

I should have everything I need for the process. This should only take a moment.

Cut scene upon completion

Anchorite Paetheus says: Now, let's see...
Anchorite Paetheus says: In the process of translating this, I believe I've learned more about the drunken exploits of a certain 'Andrew Clementine' than about the journal's author.
Anchorite Paetheus says:But, no matter. Mister Clementine's... er, 'contribution' notwithstanding, this seems to be the journal of a man named Nolkai. The entries toward the end describe a brutal battle.
Anchorite Paetheus says: Take a look at this passage...


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


introduces you to Clopper Wizbang, who gives you both of the following:

Completing Artifacts of the Blacksilt earns you a [Weathered Treasure Map], which starts you off on the following quest chain.

  1. A [1-30] A Map to Where?
  2. A [1-30] Deciphering the Book
  3. A [1-30] Nolkai's Words

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