HordeDecisive Action
Start Taoshi
End Lor'themar Theron
Level 35 (Requires 35)
Category Isle of Thunder
Experience 236000
Reputation +300 Sunreaver Onslaught
Rewards 19g 84s 50c
For the Alliance version of this quest, see A [35] A Bold Idea.


Infiltrate Stormsea Landing and open the courtyard gate from within. Speak with Taoshi to begin the mission.

  • Infiltrate Stormsea Landing


Zandalari warships plunder the seas around this island. They ferry in soldiers and war beasts from Zandalar to bolster Lei Shen's army.

If we can capture the palace shipyard, the Thunder King's supply line will be cut off, and your foothold here will be secure.

I have a plan to do just that, and it won't take an entire army.


You will receive: 19g 84s 50c


Excellent work! With that blasted warship out of commission, the bombardments on our forces along the coast will cease.

Taran Zhu has informed me that the Shado-Pan will keep vigil over Stormsea Landing, freeing up Sunreaver resources to press the siege elsewhere. Taoshi will be there. I am sure she will be glad to work with you again.

We are all grateful for your contributions, <name>. Thank you.



On accept:

Lor'themar Theron says: Ah! Champion, we were just talking about you.
Taran Zhu says: It does not matter. Taoshi's proposal is too dangerous.
Lor'themar Theron says: The sheer audacity of the plan is exactly what intrigues me. If we breech the shipyard, we will deprive the mogu of further Zandalari reinforcements.
Taoshi says: Champion, hear me out: We strike the shipyard at night, using this magnificent beast you have tamed.
Taoshi says: Once inside, we sabotage the Zandalari ship. In the chaos, we will slip into the courtyard and open the gates from within.
Lor'themar Theron says: Surely you agree that decisive action wins wars, Lord Zhu.
Taran Zhu says: Very well, Taoshi. If our champion here agrees, the mission may proceed.
Taoshi says: Thank you, Lord Zhu. I will not let you down.
Taoshi says: Speak with me when you are ready.

Speak with her again:

I believe Thunderwing here is our opportunity to score a devastating blow against Lei Shen.
Gossip I'm with you. Let's break into that shipyard! [Queue for solo instance.]

Stage 1: Blending In

Taoshi and Thunderwing

The doomed patrol

Ride Thunderwing to scout Stormsea Landing from the air.

Step a few yards closer to Taoshi and Thunderwing:

Taoshi says: I count six... no, seven guards on patrol in the sky.
Taoshi says: One of them flies higher than the others... He loops far out over the water - alone. He is over-extending. That is our in.
Taoshi says: We will neutralize him and take his route. Let's go!

Hop on. Taoshi will take the skyscreamer northward and attack the over-reaching guard:

Taoshi says: Just a little closer...
Taoshi says: Hyah!

Stage 2: Path of Smoke

The path to clear

Drop smoke bombs on sentry totems to deactivate them.
  • Sentry Totems deactivated x10
Taoshi says: The Zandalari are more cautious than I thought. Look down there - swarming with patrols.
Taoshi says: And their shaman have laid out a network of sentry totems.
Taoshi says: One of these smoke bombs will blind a sentry totem.
Taoshi says: Clear a path from the ship to the gate at the upper level - we will need to cross on foot.
Taoshi says: We cannot circle up here for long. Do what you can while I plan our next move.
The skyscreamer makes a first pass, heading a bit further southwest to get closer to the main gate, where Shan Bu is awakening Hu'seng the Gatekeeper.
Shan Bu yells: Awaken, Hu'seng! The docks are your responsibility. See that none pass his majesty's gates.
Hu'seng the Gatekeeper says: The Thunder King wills it; it shall be done.

While on Thunderwing, the champion has access to one ability:

  • Smoke Bomb 200 yd range — Throws a smoke bomb that will blind a Zandalari sentry totem, allowing you to sneak past on foot.

Use the smoke bomb to take out 10 totems. Taoshi will only allow ten to be taken out, so choose targets wisely!

Stage 3: Shadows in the Storm

Neutralizing guards

Trapping siege weapons

Knock out the crew members marked by Taoshi and sneak to the siege weapons at the front of the ship.
Taoshi says: Our time is up. We need to get aboard that ship.
Taoshi says: We should sabotage the siege weapons toward the bow. Then we will go below decks and find the captain.
Taoshi lands Thunderwing on deck astern, portside.
Taoshi says: Easy now... Get in close and incapacitate them.
Taoshi nods towards the crewman on the right. Sneak up behind him to knock him out!

On foot, Taoshi buffs the champion with Infiltrating Stormsea Landing: "Taoshi uses Wu Kao shadow arts to stealth herself and her ally, enabling the use of Knock Out on targets afflicted by Mark of Taoshi. May be detected by enemies within 5 yards or revealed by sentry totems." The champion will have a 5-yard-radius circle extending from it's position. So long as no zandalari get within that circle, the champion will stay stealthed. However, to use Knock Out, which is provided via the bonus action button, get behind the marked Veteran Wingrider and inch forward until the red circle includes the NPC. This will bring up the bonus action button, so use it.

If the champion's cover is blown, Taoshi will drop a purple smoke flare on the ground that functions like a [Vanish]:

Taoshi says: Here! Into the smoke!

Step into it to regain stealth.

After knocking out the wingrider on the right, Taoshi will inch foward and indicate two wingriders standing to the starboard side of deck. Another is patrolling behind them, so make sure to take the two standing guards out when the patrolling one isn't looking. Once those two are down, Taoshi will sneak foward and casually knock out the patrolling wingrider. Take out the next to marked wingriders to continue. Taoshi will neutralize another, then trap the two starboard siege weapons:

Taoshi says: There will be a very unpleasant surprise waiting for the next troll who disturbs these. Let's keep moving.

Taoshi will mark one of two wingriders near the skyscreamers. Tap it and Taoshi will do her thing, then trap the two port-side siege weapons. Incapacitate the last wingrider to finish this stage.

Stage 4: Wetwork

Taoshi and Halu'kal

Head below decks and assassinate Captain Halu'kal.
Taoshi keeps moving astern past the last wingrider and heads below deck via the now-opened pathway down. Once below decks, she inches forward until she spots Captain Halu'kal:
Taoshi motions at Captain Halu'kal, then draws a finger across her neck.

Follow Taoshi forward, then get within range of Halu'kal and attempt to kill him:

Captain Halu'kal snores peacefully.
Captain Halu'kal says: Hm-wha? Stowaways!

Captain Halu'kal is a level-90 elite Zandalar troll with 2 million health. See his article for abilities and a full strategy.

Get out of the Wallop area of effect and try to run away from the Keg Toss. Halu'kal will gain Well Fed on occasion, which will heal him and increase his damage output for ~12 seconds.

Occasionally, a Drunken Wingrider will awaken with a terrible Hangover. Take it out or not (it only has 788K health), but keep focusing on the captain.

Finish him off:

Captain Halu'kal says: You never get outta here... alive.

Stage 5: Keep Quiet

Dodge the patrols

Hu'seng the Gatekeeper

Hu'seng and Taoshi

Sneak across the shipyard and up the hill to reach Hu'seng the Gatekeeper.
Taoshi says: Not as quiet as I would prefer, but it works.
Taoshi makes her way to the exit below deck.
Taoshi says: The courtyard gate is directly up that hill.
Taoshi says: Remember to stay clear of those sentry totems.

Taoshi will tag along beside the adventurer. Assuming a decent path was made, move along it to get up the hill toward the gate. Zandalari Spirit-Twisters and Zandalari Beast Handlers lead Zandalari Conscripts in patrols of the grounds. Steer clear of the patrols and also of the blue circles denoting the range of the sentry totems.

Should the champion enter the detection radius of a sentry totem, the totem will move a beam of light in the direction of whomever it detected. If the beam reaches the intruder, it will break the champion's and Taoshi's stealth for 10 seconds.

Along the way, the trolls find out about the trapped siege weapons the hard way:

Taoshi says: Sounds like they found our little present.

Keep moving up the hill and get close to Hu'seng:

Hu'seng the Gatekeeper yells: Enough hiding, little ones!

Stage 6: Light Up the Night


Lightning storm

Slay Hu'seng the Gatekeeper and recover his key.
Hu'seng the Gatekeeper says: There is no escape now. The only way out is through me!
Taoshi says: Through you, is it? I think we can manage that.
Taoshi says: Would you prefer we go through the belly, or the ribcage?

Hu'seng the Gatekeeper is a level-92 elite terracotta warrior with almost 4 million health. See his article for abilities and a full strategy.

Hu'seng will likely start off with an Empower Axe cast. Start running away from him with help via the Fixate speed increase, but don't get too far that he starts casting Hook.

At 50% of total health remaining, Hu'seng will cast Cease, summoning chains that will root the champion in place. The chains only have ~100K health, so quickly destroy them before he gets his Desist cast off, which will hit all units in the marked area of effect for ~150K Physical damage.

At 20% total health remaining, Lei Shen will get upset and unleash a Lightning Storm upon the area. Standing in the pools will inflict 15K Nature damage a second, so move quickly.

Finish Hu'seng off:

Hu'seng the Gatekeeper says: None... shall...
Taoshi says: Well fought! Now - the gates. Before the thunder king's entire army comes down on us!

Loot the  [Gatekeeper's Orb] from Hu'seng's corpse.

Final Stage: Breaking Out

Open the gate

Use the Gatekeeper's Orb to open the gate to the Bloodied Crossing.

Tollow Taoshi up the steps to the Bloodied Crossing and use the orb on the Deactivated Access Generator.

This completes the "Assault the Shipyard" portion of  [Isle of Thunder].

The gates slam open!
Scout Captain Elsia yells: Rangers - shatter the hinges. Wedge the doors open!
Scout Captain Elsia says: Your plan worked! The two of you accomplished the work of an army.
Taoshi says: The fighting skills of my companion are quickly becoming legendary among the Shado-Pan.
Scout Captain Elsia says: The Regent Lord will want a full report. Let's get you back to camp - you have earned a rest.

Follow Taoshi and interact with the portal to end the scenario and return to the Dawnseeker Promontory. Speak with Lor'themar to turn in.


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    1. H [35] Thunder Calls
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  7. At exalted: H [35R] Life Blood

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