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NeutralDeepsurge / Felsurge
Main leader IconSmall FelNaga Female.gif Lady Ssathara
Race(s) NagaNaga Naga
Base of operations Felrage Strand and Strand's End
Theater of operations Broken Shore
Affiliation Burning Legion
  Formerly Nazjatar Empire

The Deepsurge are a group of naga located in Felrage Strand and Strand's End on the Broken Shore.

They posed a threat to the Armies of Legionfall, so they captured one of their naga brutes, so that the class order leaders sent by Archmage Khadgar could use it against the Deepsurge naga.[1]

Lady Ssathara, their leader, later accepted Fatedealer Xarahan and the fel power of the Burning Legion. Their members thus began a transformation into the Felsurge naga by Harrowing Corruptors.[2]





  • Felsurge is also a term associated with aranasi.


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