Deepwater Tavern

Deepwater Tavern before flooding

The Deepwater Tavern[11, 60] is situated in the Alliance town of Menethil Harbor in the territory of the Wetlands. It is a bustling village hub and a popular place for adventurers to find quests. It holds a first aid trainer as well as a few vendors. It is frequently the site of bar brawls, many of which are initiated by Tapoke "Slim" Jahn.

During the flooding of Menethil Harbor during the Shattering, the tavern was barely saved, due to being on slightly higher ground than the surrounding area and being protected at the front by a wall of sandbags. Since the disaster, the tavern appears to function as normal, with the sandbags being used as a bench by locals and riding rams and stable master outside seeming tolerant of the water. The tavern has become a place of refuge for some of those displaced by the flood, such as the Halloran family.


Out front

Ground floor

Top floor

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