Defcon: Bobcat

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AllianceDefcon: Bobcat
Start Safety Warden Pipsy
End Safety Warden Pipsy
Level 16 (Requires 14)
Category Loch Modan
Experience 1450 EXP (or 9s at max level)
Rewards 8s
Previous A [16] Thistle While You Work


Kill 8 Bobcats.


Stop everything! It's come to my attention that there's been bobcat sightings near the lodge. Bobcats!

Now mind you, I've never seen a bobcat, but they're surely dangerous. They're like mountain lions or something. I don't want anyone leaving until the area is secure!

Anyone but you, that is. I'll pay you to help secure the area, <class>. But don't get your face ripped off.


I'm not ready to downgrade the situation just yet. you make sure those enormous, feral beasts are dealt with.


Okay, yes. I have already been informed that bobcats are much smaller than I was assuming. But that's still pretty dangerous for gnomes!

You've done a good thing for the safety of the lodge, <name>!



  • Bobcats are more closely related to the lynx family than mountain lions (cougars).
  • This quest was based on a bobcat invading the Blizzard parking lot, according to Jeremy Feasel.[1]

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