Defend the Siege

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AllianceDefend the Siege
Start Senior Demolitionist Legoso
End Senior Demolitionist Legoso
Level 80 (Requires 78)
Type Weekly PvP
Category Wintergrasp
Experience 22,050
Rewards 7g 40s


Senior Demolitionist Legoso in Wintergrasp wants you to pilot or protect a siege device as it destroys three structures.

Players of private rank or higher can build siege devices at Goblin Workshops.

  • Siege Vehicles Defended (3)


Front and center, <name>! We're beginning our assault on Wintergrasp Fortress. Those Horde animals think they can hide cowardly behind their walls? Well, I think not! We'll show them the power of Gnomish technology and smash their walls to bits!

However, even the most powerful siege device is helpless without a crew. Pilot or protect one of our siege vehicles as it destroys three of the Horde structures.


7g 40s


That should show them the power of Gnomish invention!

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