Defend the Siege (Horde)

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HordeDefend the Siege
Start Lieutenant Murp
End Lieutenant Murp
Level 80 (Requires 78)
Type Weekly PvP
Category Wintergrasp
Experience 22,050
Rewards 7g 40s


Lieutenant Murp in Wintergrasp wants you to defend or pilot a siege vehicle while they destroy three Alliance structures.

Siege devices can be built by ranked Horde players at the Goblin Workshops.

  • Horde Siege Vehicles Defended (3)


Dem Alliance won't be long to hold that keep. Murp would smash walls, but Murp has to stay in camp. Murp wish he could smash Alliance who want to hurt Horde demolishers.

You, <name>! You go in Murp's place. Protect 3 siege vehicles while they smash Alliance buildings. Alliance not expect you to defend demolisher. Show Alliance how smart Murp is!


7g 40s


Good job. Murp wish he was there to help.

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