HordeDefiler's Den
Defiler's Dennew.jpg
Leader(s)  The Black Bride
Race(s) ForsakenForsaken Forsaken
Affiliation(s) The Defilers
Location Southeastern Arathi Basin
Status Active

The Defiler's Den is the Defilers base in Arathi Basin. The graveyard is to the north of the building and the instance exit to the south. The area itself is a ransacked and taken over Stromic fort, akin to the Trollbane Hall across the field. Here, the Defilers provide services to the members of the Horde fighting within the Basin.

At the start of every battle, The Black Bride will ride out into the camp, disappearing as the battle begins.



  • The den shows signs that the Defilers lost control of the region at some point before reclaiming it.
    • The den is using a raided version of the new Stromic buildings.
    • There is a dead Arathor Watchman inside of the den's main building.
    • The asset being used by the Farm is located within, brokenly boarded up as if the Defilers had to break in. There is also a dead Arathor Watchman inside of the farm.
    • The Horde banners are a mixture of tattered and new, some appear to be made of torn up and repurposed red banners, the color of Stromgarde.


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