AllianceDelegating on Draenor

Qiana and Thorn
Start Lieutenant Thorn [40.3, 53.6]
End Lieutenant Thorn [40.3, 53.6]
Level 10-40
Category Garrison Support
Experience 13450
Rewards 11g 40s
Previous A [10-40] Qiana Moonshadow
Next A [10-40] Ashran Appearance, A [10-40] Migrant Workers, A [10-40] A Hero's Welcome
For the Horde version of this quest, see H [10-40] Mission Probable.


Step 1: Select a mission

Step 2: Select a follower

Step 3: Start the mission

Use the Command Table to send Qiana Moonshadow on a mission.


There is more work to do on Draenor than we can possibly handle by ourselves. We need to start delegating.

A group of night elves need a champion at Starfall Outpost.

Qiana is a perfect fit for this mission.


You will receive:

  • 11g 40s
  • 13450 XP


You can use the Command Table to assign missions to your followers.


This is a good start, but we will need more champions to deal with the trials that lay ahead.


Interact with the Command Table in front of Thorn. Select the active mission, then drag Qiana to the drop target and begin the mission.

This concludes the "Establishing a Foothold" portion of Alliance  [As I Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Moon]. The Shadowmoon Valley storyline continues with A [10-40] A Hero's Welcome from Yrel outside. Vindicator Maraad starts another chapter of the storyline with A [10-40] Migrant Workers, but do Yrel's chain at Embaari Village first.

On complete:

Lieutenant Thorn says: Starfall isn't far. Good luck, Qiana.
Qiana Moonshadow says: I'm on it.
Qiana runs out of the garrison and despawns.


  1. A [10-40] Step Three: Prophet!
  2. A [10-40] Finding a Foothold
  3. A [10-40] For the Alliance!
  4. Complete both:
  5. A [10-40] Quakefist
  6. A [10-40] Establish Your Garrison
  7. Complete all of:
  8. A [10-40] Build Your Barracks
  9. A [10-40] Qiana Moonshadow
  10. A [10-40] Delegating on Draenor

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