For the rogue quest, see N Rogue [10-45] Delegation.
Start Kalecgos
End Kalecgos
Level 35 (Requires 35)
Category Mount Hyjal
Experience 104100
Rewards 53g 50c
Previous N [35D] Actionable Intelligence
Next N [35] Nordrassil's Bough


Recover the Branch of Nordrassil from the Firelands.


I am duty-bound to look into your claims immediately, <race>, which means my mission here now must fall to you.

A surge of ancient magic, far too strong to have occurred naturally, drew me here. I have since discovered a most troubling development.

A bough from Nordrassil has been ripped from the tree and taken deep into the Firelands. There, a powerful ritual threatens to corrupt Nordrassil, consuming it in flame.

You must find a way to interrupt the ritual and reclaim the world tree's branch.


You will receive: 53g 50c


Were you able to recover Nordrassil's bough, <class>?


Nordrassil's Bough...

You have done well, mortal.


You must defeat Volcanus the Firelord in Firelands to complete this quest. The player needs to obtain quest items from the first four bosses in order to reach Volcanus.

Take these four items to the Circle of Thorns at the end of the Path of Corruption and use them to open the portal to the Anvil of Conflagration.


  1. B [35] Your Time Has Come
  2. B [35] A Legendary Engagement
  3. N [35] A Wrinkle in Time
  4. N [35] All-Seeing Eye
  5. N [35] On a Wing and a Prayer
  6. N [35] Through a Glass, Darkly
  7. N [35D] Actionable Intelligence
  8. N [35] Delegation
  9. N [35] Nordrassil's Bough
  10. N [35] Emergency Extraction
  11. N [35] At One
  12. N [35] Time Grows Short
  13. N [35] Alignment
  14. N [35R] Heart of Flame
  15. B [35] The Stuff of Legends

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