HordeDeliverance from the Pit
Start Gorkun Ironskull
End Sylvanas Windrunner
Level 25-30 (Requires 25)
Type Dungeon
Category Pit of Saron
Experience 44100
Previous The Path to the Citadel
Next Frostmourne


Kill Scourgelord Tyrannus.


We need to make our way up the main path and through the cave to Tyrannus' rise.

There, he will be forced to confront us there lest we make our way into the citadel proper.

Go now, <class>. My men and I will be there to stand by you when the confrontation with Tyrannus comes.


You will receive: 29g 60s


The Halls of Reflection lie ahead. If what that vile gnome said is to be trusted, Frostmourne should be there, and with it, answers to confronting Arthas.


During the assault to the Scourgelord's Command's and after his death, several events will happen. See Scourgelord Tyrannus#Quotes.


Optional breadcrumb: B [25-30D] Inside the Frozen Citadel

  1. B [25-30D] Echoes of Tortured Souls
  2. B [25-30D] The Pit of Saron
  3. B [25-30D] The Path to the Citadel
  4. B [25-30D] Deliverance from the Pit
  5. B [25-30D] Frostmourne
  6. B [25-30D] Wrath of the Lich King

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