Delora Lionheart

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AllianceDelora Lionheart
Image of Delora Lionheart
Title <Captain of the Skyseeker>
Gender Female
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 1-10
Reaction Friendly
Occupation Captain
Location Wreck of the Skyseeker, Wandering Isle
Status Alive

Delora Lionheart can be found at the Wreck of the Skyseeker on the Wandering Isle. She is the captain of the crashed gunship.



  • Ability dualwield.png  Piercing Strikes — Inflicts 13 Physical damage to the target. 
  • Ability rogue shadowstrikes.png  Strike — The caster strikes with both of their weapons, inflicting 14 Physical damage to the target. 



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  • Tend to the wounded! This isn't over yet.
  • Hold the line, sailors! Your brothers depend on you!


  • You have our favor, pandaren.
  • You are welcome among us, pandaren.
  • I like a friendly face.
  • This is how you treat a new ally?
  • Perhaps I misjudged you.


You are our first turn of good fortune in several days. We're glad to have the help.



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She may be related to Duke Lionheart.

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