Demolisher (Isle of Conquest)

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For general information regarding the vehicle, see Demolisher.
Image of Demolisher
Race Demolisher (Mechanical)
Level 79 - 90
Location Isle of Conquest
Vehicle This vehicle can be mounted.

The Demolisher is a siege weapon available in the Isle of Conquest battleground. Four of these vehicles become available shortly after one's faction gains control of the Workshop, and are primarily used for destroying enemy Keep Gates.

As with the Wintergrasp Demolisher, the Isle of Conquest demolisher has seats for a pilot, who controls the weaponry and navigation, and two passengers. The passengers are protected by the vehicle and may attack, but have no vehicle-granted abilities.


Physical and Fire damage values are approximates for level 90 battlegrounds. Siege damage is similar for all level brackets.

  • Spell fire flamebolt.png  Hurl Boulder — Hurls a massive boulder into the distance. This boulder deals 21,731 Fire damage and 1,500 siege damage to all enemies within 10 yards. Range uses catapult targetting, can hit approximately 1 to 50 yards away. (3 cooldown)
  • Inv misc armorkit 09.png  Ram — Rams any enemies in front of the demolisher within 7 yards, dealing 2,000 Physical damage and knocking them back. Also deals 2,000 siege damage to buildings. (4 cooldown)

Level Brackets

The level, health, and non-siege damage of this vehicle scales to the highest level of each battleground level bracket.

Level Bracket Health Hurl Boulder Ram
89 2,615,000
90 3,151,000 21,731 2,000

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