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The demon hunter starting experience takes place in several parts.

Taking Mardum

Mardum zone map

During the invasion of Outland as the Sha'tar forces assault Black Temple, Illidan sends his Illidari to Mardum on a quest to recover the  [Sargerite Keystone].

  1. N Demon hunter [8-45] The Invasion Begins
  2. N Demon hunter [8-45] Enter the Illidari: Ashtongue
  3. Complete all of:
  4. N Demon hunter [8-45] Meeting With the Queen
  5. Complete both:
  6. N Demon hunter [8-45] Orders for Your Captains
  7. N Demon hunter [8-45] Give Me Sight Beyond Sight
  8. N Demon hunter [8-45] Hidden No More
  9. Complete all of:
    1. N Demon hunter [8-45] Into the Foul Creche
    2. N Demon hunter [8-45] The Imp Mother's Tome
    3. N Demon hunter [8-45] Fel Secrets
    4. N Demon hunter [8-45] Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Illidari! -or- N Demon hunter [8-45] Vengeance Will Be Mine!
  10. N Demon hunter [8-45] On Felbat Wings
  11. N Demon hunter [8-45] The Keystone
  12. N Demon hunter [8-45] Return to the Black Temple

Vault of the Wardens

A few years later, Maiev Shadowsong awakens the player in the Vault of the Wardens, which has fallen to Legion control.

  1. N Demon hunter [8-45] Breaking Out
  2. Complete both:
  3. N Demon hunter [8-45] Stop Gul'dan!
  4. N Demon hunter [8-45] Grand Theft Felbat
  5. Complete all of:
  6. N Demon hunter [8-45] All The Way Up
  7. N Demon hunter [8-45] A New Direction
  8. N Demon hunter [8-45] Between Us and Freedom
  9. N Demon hunter [8-45] Illidari, We Are Leaving
Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.

Faction introduction

After leaving the Vault of the Wardens, the Illidari introduce themselves to the leadership of the player's faction — Alliance or Horde — getting to the faction capital just in time to expose undercover demons.


  1. A Demon hunter [10-45] The Call of War
  2. A Demon hunter [10-45] Second Sight
  3. A Demon hunter [10-45] Demons Among Them
  4. A Demon hunter [10-45] A Weapon of the Alliance
  5. A [10-45] Calling of the Council


  1. H Demon hunter [10-45] Audience with the Warchief
  2. H Demon hunter [10-45] Second Sight
  3. H Demon hunter [10-45] Demons Among Them
  4. H Demon hunter [10-45] A Weapon of the Horde
  5. H [10-45] Calling of the Council

Khadgar's plan

At this point, all characters' storylines are united at the Illidari camps in their faction capitals. Khadgar's Upgraded Servant then appears, offering players to accompany Khadgar as he calls the Council of Six for a vote concerning Dalaran's future. Khadgar and the player then embark on a quest through Ulduar and Karazhan to find means to turn the tide and close the Legion gateway at the Tomb of Sargeras. After Khadgar learns that the key lies in the Pillars of Creation, the Council teleports Dalaran to their presumed location — the Broken Isles.

  1. B [10-45] Calling of the Council
  2. N [10-45] The Diamond King
  3. N [10-45] Hiding in the Stacks
  4. N [10-45] City Under Siege
  5. N [10-45] Anomalous Anomalies
  6. N [10-45] Author! Author!
  7. N [10-45] In the Blink of an Eye or N [10-45] In the Blink of an Eye

Artifact acquisition and class hall

After arriving in Dalaran, Kor'vas Bloodthorn has players check in with their chosen champion at Krasus' Landing. The champion quickly gives players the choice of which artifact they wish to acquire. After that, demon hunters return to Mardum to claim their new class hall, the Fel Hammer.

  1. N Demon hunter [10-45] Call of the Illidari
  2. N Demon hunter [10-45] The Power to Survive
  3. Acquire the chosen artifact:
  4. N Demon hunter [10-45] Eternal Vigil
  5. N Demon hunter [10-45] Securing the Way
  6. N Demon hunter [10-45] Return to Mardum
  7. N Demon hunter [10-45] Unbridled Power
  8. N Demon hunter [10-45] Spoils of Victory
  9. N Demon hunter [98-110] Cursed Forge of the Nathrezim
  10. N Demon hunter [10-45] The Hunter's Gaze
  11. N Demon hunter [10-45] Time is of the Essence
  12. N Demon hunter [10-45] Direct Our Wrath

In N Demon hunter [10-45] Direct Our Wrath, players choose which zone they wish to next quest in.