Demoniacs are Zandalari trolls who take dealing with demons one step further than conventional warlocks. Through an ancient and arcane ritual, demoniacs allow a demon to enter their being. Rather than let it possess them though, they enslave the demon from the inside, absorbing the power of the beast for their own command. It is a feat few are ever able to master.[1] The demoniac seeks to embody power outright, not just possess it. More than one demoniac has lost a fight with a demon, but with the enemies of the Zandalari threatening them, the power that a demoniac is able to unleash on the tribe's foes is worth the sacrifice.[2]

A demoniac knows that the game they play is much similar to the fall of the Gurubashi Empire, but the power unleashed is often the very thing needed for survival.[2] The ultimate symbol of power amongst the Zandalari is the garb they wear in battle. A demoniac's robes have fused fine runecloth and devastatingly powerful mojo into a single fabric. The visage of the robe is said to instill fear into the minds of all who see it, especially the demons that the demoniac will eventually dominate.[3]

Recently, the Zandalari gave powerful demoniac clothing to warlock adventurers who were willing to learn their ways.[1]


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