• Demoniac Scryer
  • Quest Item
  • Unique
  • Use: Place within Hellfire Basin. (1 Min Cooldown)

The demoniac Scryer placed on top of the Hellfire Basin

The Demoniac Scryer is a device to analyze fel magic with a demon of vast intelligence trapped inside. To get it work you have to feed it with souls, then it will possess you and write it's report. After two minutes it leaves you because your soul is a bit to bright for it. According to the  [Demoniac Scryer Reading] it hopes to possess Apothecary Antonivich once.


Provided for the quest H [10-30G] The Demoniac Scryer.

Objective of

Needs to be used in the Hellfire Basin, when used it spawns a Demoniac Scryer that needs to be protected for the quest H [10-30G] The Demoniac Scryer.


Demoniac Visitation whispers: Thank you for allowing me to visit, <Name>. You have a very colorful soul, but it's a little brighter than I prefer... or I might have stayed longer!

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