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  • Demonic Archaeology Fragment
  • Total Maximum: 250

Demonic Archaeology Fragments are found using the [Survey] ability of the Archaeology skill.

As with all Archaeology Fragments, they are not inventory items but instead tracked on the relevant page of a player's archaeology dialog.

These fragments are found at ... archaeology sites, and drop from a Wyrmtongue Collector that sometimes spawns when digging.

Known artifacts

Demonic artifacts (10)
Name Fragments Skill Rarity Value
 [Blood of Young Mannoroth] N Archaeology [45] Dark Secrets 1 (quest level 110) Rare
 [Crystalline Eye of Undravius] N Archaeology [45] Corrupted Studies 1 (quest level 110) Rare
 [Imp Generator] N Archaeology [45] The Gates of Valor 1 (quest level 110) Rare 3c
 [Purple Hills of Eredath] N Archaeology [45D] Darkheart Thicket: Through the Fog 1 (quest level 110) Rare
 [Wyrmy Tunkins] N Archaeology [45] And Into the Fel Fire 1 (quest level 110) Rare
 [Flayed-Skin Chronicle] 85 + 2 sockets 1 Common 1g
 [Houndstooth Hauberk] 170 + 3 sockets 1 Common 1g
 [Imp's Cup] 60 + 2 sockets 1 Common 1g
 [Malformed Abyssal] 95 + 2 sockets 1 Common 1g
 [Orb of Inner Chaos] 140 + 3 sockets 1 Common 1g

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