HordeDemons Among Us
Start Allari the Souleater [45.8, 15.1]
End Lady Sylvanas Windrunner [45.7, 15.9]
Level 10-45
Category Durotar
Rewards  [Brand of the Banshee Queen]
or  [Accolade of the Banshee Queen]
or  [Token of the Banshee Queen]
Previous H [10-45] Emissary
Next H [10-45] Keep Your Friends Close
For the Alliance version of this quest, see A [10-45] Demons Among Us.


Learn what Allari the Souleater sees.

  • Learn what Allari the Souleater knows
  • Kill infiltrators (12)


Look around. What do you see?

<Allari glares at something over your shoulder.>

The Legion has already infiltrated the Horde... even now, they are among you.

We must protect your Warchief.

When you are ready to see what lies beneath the veil, say the word.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv misc tournaments symbol scourge.png [Brand of the Banshee Queen] Inv misc tournaments symbol scourge.png [Accolade of the Banshee Queen]
Inv misc tournaments symbol scourge.png [Token of the Banshee Queen]


The Illidari were right! Destroy the demons, <name>!


It would seem the demon hunters' concerns were well-founded. To think the demons would dare worm their way into our city during this period of mourning!

This does not bode well for the rest of my kingdom.


Quest accept
Allari the Souleater says: Say the word and I shall reveal the hidden menace!
Your eyes are deceiving you. Do not trust them!
Gossip Show me the proof.
Allari the Souleater says: Behold, the enemy is among us!
Allari runs over to an Orgrimmar Grunt, brandishing her glaives.
Allari the Souleater says: You cannot hide what you truly are, demon!
Orgrimmar Grunt says: You discovered us too late, Illidari! FELBLADE, ATTACK!
Allari the Souleater says: More of them are in our midst!
Several grunts transform into Felblade Assassins, while Shards of Hate start dropping from the sky.
Random chat during the phased encounter
  • Orgrimmar Grunt yells: We are everywhere...
  • Orgrimmar Grunt yells: Worthless beings! Kneel before the might of the Legion!
  • Orgrimmar Grunt yells: The Legion cannot be stopped!
  • Orgrimmar Grunt yells: Ha ha ha... you fools will perish!
  • Orgrimmar Grunt yells: You are safe from nothing.
  • Orgrimmar Grunt yells: Foolish mortals! Nothing can save you!
  • Allari the Souleater yells: I've marked another! Find it! Quickly!
  • Allari the Souleater yells: That one too! Kill it!
  • Allari the Souleater yells: Found another! I'm starting to lose count!
  • Allari the Souleater yells: Got another! Get it!
  • Eitrigg says: For the Horde!
  • Orgrimmar Grunt says: For the Warchief!
  • Illidari Enforcer says: My blades thirst for the blood of the Legion!
  • Illidari Enforcer says: You will pray for a swift death!


  1. H [10-45] Legion: The Legion Returns
  2. H [10-45] To Be Prepared
  3. H [10-45] The Battle for Broken Shore
  4. H [10-45] Fate of the Horde
  5. H [10-45] Emissary
  6. H [10-45] Demons Among Us
  7. H [10-45] Keep Your Friends Close
  8. H [10-45] Calling of the Council — to the next story arc

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