Den Den

Neutral 32.pngDen Den
Den Den.jpg
Image of Den Den
Title <Bartender>
Race Hozen (Humanoid)
Level 15-35
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Lazy Turnip, Valley of the Four Winds
Status Alive

Den Den is a hozen bartender found in the Lazy Turnip of Halfhill in central Valley of the Four Winds.


Inv drink 16.png [Four Wind Soju]
2 Gold.png 24 Silver.png
Inv misc food cooked goldcarpconsomme.png [Golden Carp Consomme]
2 Gold.png 60 Silver.png
Inv potion 25.png [Pandaren Plum Wine]
2 Gold.png 56 Silver.png
Inv drink milk 01.png [Pearl Milk Tea]
2 Gold.png 60 Silver.png
Inv misc food vendor roastedbarlytea.png [Roasted Barley Tea]
2 Gold.png 40 Silver.png

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