Despondent Ablutions

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NeutralDespondent Ablutions
Start Wayne the Ancestral
End Wayne the Ancestral
Level 120 (Requires 110)
Category Stormsong Valley
Experience 20,560
Rewards 46g 80s
Previous N [120] Flush Them Out
Next N [120] Trinkets and Baubles


Investigate the Purifying Effigy.


You return. A surprise. Perhaps there is still hope.

In victory or defeat, you bear the weight of this place. It hangs on you like a mantle. I see your struggle to bear it.

There is, perhaps, a way to shrug off this burden. An altar, to the northwest. Built by the tidesages, seeking to wash away the corruption.

Offer yourself to the idol. It will exact a price, as do all things. But in communion you may claw back from the brink.


You will receive:

  • 46g 80s
  • 20,560 XP


Find the circle, pierce the veil. Only in oblivion can you find it.


Your mind has rejected madness, and replaced it with determination. For now.


Intro gossip

I can see the darkness in your eyes. Your next effort will shred the mind and you shall become another phantom to haunt me.

You are not ready. Return when you are and the next task will be waiting. The corruption has had eternity to fester and grow. A few days are of little import, in the end.

Wayne the Ancestral says: Can you feel it? The walls... crumbling. They are coming through, one terrible whisper at a time.
Afraid debuff
(Damage dealt reduced by 10%.
Dodge rating increased by 10%.
Movement speed increased by 10%.

Wayne may know a cure...)

Gossip I am troubled. Can you help me?

I can see it in your eyes. Your mind, eroded by the gnawing madness. Yet there may be a reprieve.
The sages once thrived here, trying to combat the darkness. They built chapels, bulwarks of faith and fortitude. They erected a tavern, to drown the whispers under a sea of mead. Dust and rubble now...
Make your way to the northwest. Upon that point is the last of their presence, a large, abyssal idol. Find the effigy, and you may yet wash away the horrors of this place. Beware, for you will need to drink deep, and the sea always exacts her toll.
  • The next quest will become available anytime between one to three days.


  1. N [120] Ruin Has Come
  2. N [120] Flush Them Out
  3. N [120] Despondent Ablutions
  4. N [120] Trinkets and Baubles
  5. N [120] The Weight of My Ambition
  6. N [120] Misplaced Faith
  7. N [120] Indefatigable Purpose
  8. N [120] Malign Inspiration
  9. N [120] A Mote of Cosmic Truth

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