Detect Lesser Invisibility
Spell shadow detectlesserinvisibility.png
Usable by
Class Warlock
School Shadow
Cooldown None
Other information
Level learned 26
Related buff
Spell shadow detectlesserinvisibility.png
  • Magic
  • Detect Lesser Invisibility
  • Detect lesser invisibility.
  • Duration: 10 minutes

Detect Lesser Invisibility was a level 26 Warlock buff that allowed one to see units cloaked by invisibility. There were three warlock invisibility detection spells, of which this was the lowest. It did NOT allow you to see stealthed units such as rogues, instead letting you able to detect enemies like Eyes of Naxxramas and the Unseen.

This ability and [Detect Greater Invisibility] were removed in Patch 2.0.1, leaving only [Detect Invisibility] until Patch 4.0.1.

Note that while this ability was removed in Patch 2.0.1, this spell was updated to become Detect Invisibility, which had its own spell removed.

Rank table

Rank Level Ability Detection Level Type Mana Cost Description Cost
1 26 [Detect Lesser Invisibility] 100 Demonology 50 Allow the target to detect Lesser Invisibility. Lasts 10 minutes. 70s
2 38 [Detect Invisibility] 200 Demonology 90 Allow the target to detect Invisibility. Lasts 10 minutes. 1g 40s
3 50 [Detect Greater Invisibility] 300 Demonology 140 Allow the target to detect Greater Invisibility. Lasts 10 minutes. 2g 80s

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