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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Devonix was a gnomish inventor and explorer. He was fascinated by the legends of the great dragon Nozdormu the Timeless. Many of the legends surrounding this dragon suggest he possesses the amazing power to travel in time — an ability even the greatest human and elven magi had yet to master. Devonix became convinced that something in the Caverns of Time, where Nozdormu and his bronze dragonflight dwell, gave them the ability to break through the fabric of time. Devonix made a pilgrimage to the caverns and disappeared within. When he emerged a year later, he was 20 years older, but he brought with him a bagful of tiny green jewels similar to emeralds. For the rest of his life he tinkered with these gems, subjecting them to all manner of energies. Then, just before his death, he emerged with his life's work: the timehopper. The device needs time emeralds to function. Devonix may have left a few behind after his death, but what became of these is unknown.[1]