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For strategy on the Spires of Ascension encounter, see Devos (tactics).
Image of Devos
Title Paragon of Doubt
Paragon of Loyalty
Gender Female
Race Kyrian (Humanoid)
Level 60 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Alliance Horde
Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Forsworn, Mawsworn
Former affiliation(s) Ascended
Location Bastion
Status Deceased (lore)
Killable Shadowlands
Student(s) Uther, Lysonia

“As I peered into Uther's memories, what I saw shook me to the core. But you refused to see the truth. That the path is flawed. That we serve a lie. And so, I listened to the Jailer's words. I learned of the great injustice you and the others thrust upon him... and upon us all. He seeks to free us from the prison we have built for ourselves. And for that, he has earned my loyalty.”

Devos is a powerful kyrian that served as one of the Paragons of the Ascended under the authority of the Archon. Embodying the virtue of loyalty, she was a staunch believer in Bastion's sacred mission of ferrying souls to the Shadowlands. This resolve was forever shaken, however, when she encountered the soul of Uther, inexplicably wounded by the power of the Jailer. As her warnings fell on deaf ears, Devos took this as proof that the kyrian path was fundamentally flawed, and that a new future was needed for the Ascended.

Declaring civil war on the Archon and her forces, the new Paragon of Doubt led the Forsworn against their former brethren, eventually attacking the Archon herself atop the Spires of Ascension. Devos was ultimately slain in battle against the Archon and her allies as the Forsworn assault was driven back. She was succeeded as Paragon of Doubt by her second-in-command, Lysonia.



Devos in-game

Uther and Arthas[]

When the human paladin Uther the Lightbringer was killed by his student Arthas Menethil, part of his soul was ferried to Bastion from Oribos. Devos personally welcomed him on his arrival and informed him that he had earned the opportunity to become one of the Ascended, a fact Uther struggled to accept. In an unusual act for a Paragon (though fully within her rights), Devos would decide to take on Uther's training personally. Her fellow Paragon Thenios pointed out that this was beneath her station, but Devos replied that she was concerned that Uther's soul seemed broken and that this is why he was failing to let go of his memories and ascend. She even began wondering if the Lightbringer had been sent to Bastion by mistake, though Thenios quietly cautioned her against such thoughts and to trust the path.

Devos later discovered that Uther's soul had literally been wounded. When she touched the wound, she saw a vision of the paladin's death and recognized Arthas' blade, Frostmourne, as an instrument of the Maw from its runes. Devos immediately brought this news to the Archon, telling her that an agent wielding the power of the Maw was running rampant on a mortal world and posing a threat to Bastion. Furthermore, if Uther's memories had been purged as the path demanded, the kyrian would've never learned of this danger—in other words, the path was flawed. The Archon interrupted Devos, telling her that the Shadowlands depended on the kyrian carrying out their charge and that she had to abandon her rebellious course. In response, Devos verbally agreed, but then returned to Uther and asked if he still wanted to punish Arthas. When Uther responded that he did, Devos prematurely transformed him into an Ascended and told him that on the moment of Arthas' death, the two would claim his soul.

When Arthas was defeated atop Icecrown Citadel, Devos and Uther claimed his soul. Devos urged Uther to cast Arthas into the Maw and return him to the darkness he served. Uther hesitated, sadly remembering that Arthas had once been his student, but Devos reminded him why they had brought Arthas here—to take vengeance for what he had done. His will steeled but once again stating that it was never about vengeance for his own death but the crimes Arthas had committed, Uther released Arthas to the Maw's depths.[1]

Rise of the Forsworn[]

Devos's new purpose did not end when Arthas Menethil was cast into the Maw. Now turned fully against the ancient path of the kyrian, she began recruiting others who, like Uther, shared her doubts. One of these kyrian was Lysonia, a Hand of Loyalty, who Devos convinced to turn against the path and the Archon.[2] Many others were recruited into what became the Forsworn, in particular doubt-filled aspirants unwittingly sent from the Temple of Purity to have their resolve restored; instead, Devos and her followers encouraged these doubts while offering a new path.

To gain the power needed for her quest, Devos aligned herself with the Jailer and the power of the Maw, although not all recruits and members of the Forsworn were aware of this alliance.[3] The actions of the former Paragon of Loyalty were hidden from the Archon and the Ascended for some time, as Devos pretended to remain loyal, despite having long since become the Paragon of Doubt. It was only when Lysonia and the Forsworn attacked the Temple of Purity on Devos's orders that the other kyrian became aware of the Forsworn threat.[4] At the same time, the Forsworn also gained control of other important locations in Bastion, including the Mnemonic Locus and the Eternal Forge.

It was during a ritual of ascension at Elysian Hold to create new Ascended kyrian that Devos revealed herself to be leading the rebellion, confronting the Archon herself and shattering the Crest of Ascension in a surprise attack.[5] Forsworn forces then launched a full assault on both the Hold and the Spires of Ascension, with the goal of seizing total control of Bastion's power. It was only with the aid of mortals allied to the kyrian that the rebels were driven back, with Devos herself engaged atop the Seat of the Archon as she wielded the Archon's own spear. After a fight, the Paragon of Doubt was overcome and slain, ending the immediate threat.[6]

Despite Devos's death, the Forsworn continued their campaign against the Ascended under the direction of Lysonia.[7]


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