Sanctuary of the Devoted.jpg
The Sanctuary of the Devoted
Main leader  Vorrik
Race(s) Sethrak Sethrak
Capital Sanctuary of the Devoted
Base of operations Forward Camp
Theater of operations Vol'dun
Status Active

The Devoted[1][2] are a faction of sethrak led by Vorrik that are still loyal to the deceased serpent loa Sethraliss, unlike Emperor Korthek and his Faithless.

When Korthek denounced Sethraliss, formed the Faithless, and plotted to unleash Mythrax the Unraveler from Atul'Aman to conquer all of Zandalar, the sethrak who were still loyal to Sethraliss were forced out of their homes and into hiding. They have been fighting the Faithless ever since[3] and will do whatever it takes to stop Korthek.[4] Unlike the Faithless, the Devoted still feel Sethraliss' presence and believe that she will one day be returned to them.[5] However, the Sanctuary of the Devoted has since become the Devoted's last bastion against the Faithless.[4][6]






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