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This article is about the Shadowlands race. For other creatures, see devourer of souls and Devourer (RPG).
Various devourers among their signature rifts in Bastion.

Devourers are aberrations that hail from the farthest reaches of the Shadowlands[1] and feed on the energies they find.[2] They crawl forth from the cracks between the realms, usually through glowing blue rifts, and have a voracious appetite for anima.[3][4] No one knows where they came from,[3][5] but it is theorized that they have their origins in the In-Between[6] and that they flourish on several lost land masses there.[5] The anima drought has fueled the devourers' relentless hunger, driving them to seek new sources,[1] and all denizens of the Shadowlands see their recent boldness as a sign of the end times.[3] Devourers are attracted to the scent of anima like moths to a flame.[7][8] Anima they consume gains some strange properties,[9] such as the ability to open rifts to the In-Between[10] and infest the land or constructs of the covenants.[11]

Devourers can be found infesting several places in the Shadowlands, such as Everdawn Terrace in Bastion; the Sepulcher of Knowledge in Maldraxxus; the Elder Stand in Ardenweald; and the Endmire, Catacombs of Regret, Banewood, Sanguine Depths, and even Castle Nathria in Revendreth.

They come in three variants: giant-like worldeaters, who can drain anima from an entire region within a matter of moments;[12] a slightly smaller, hunched version referred to as gorgers or gluttons; and small, flying insect-like creatures called mites or animites.


As a mount

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As a companion pet

Devouring Animite is a reward from the mission Campaign: Charthox the Indomitable.


  • Most devourers have the passive "Consuming Strikes" ability: Spell fire blueimmolation.png  Consuming StrikesConsumes a portion of the target's essence causing melee attacks to heal the caster for 25% of the damage inflicted.
  • The only devourer found in the Maw is the boss Goxul the Devourer within Torghast; otherwise there are no devourers in the Maw at all. Maw fog beasts have a vague resemblance to devourers however.
  • Inhabitants of the Shadowlands seem to generally view devourers as little more than animals; the Fearstalker calls them "vermin",[4] Ta'eran calls them "mindless monstrosities",[1] Xandria refers to them as "monsters" and "beasts",[10] and they are considered "wildlife" for the purposes of the world quest N [60WQ] A Curious Cache. However, at least one devourer, the Worldedge Gorger, is capable of speech (albeit only a single word).
  • Worldeaters use ettin animations, gorgers use gronnling animations, and mites use nerubian flyer animations.