Deze Snowbane

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HordeDeze Snowbane
Image of Deze Snowbane
Title <Arathi Basin Battlemaster>
Gender Female
Race Forsaken (Humanoid)
Level 85 Elite
Class Battlemaster
Affiliation(s) Defilers
Location Unknown
Relative(s) Amelia Calder, Alexander Calder (cousins)

Deze Snowbane was an elite level 85 Arathi Basin battlemaster located in the Hall of the Brave in the Valley of Honor within the orcish city of Orgrimmar during the Call to Arms: Arathi Basin. She was the cousin of Alexander Calder and the deceased Amelia Calder.

She was only available during the monthly (Call to Arms: Arathi Basin).

As a vendor

Upon completion of the quest N [45] Note from the Front (part of the Scourge Invasion event), Deze Snowbane offered the following items:


  • Despite obviously being a mage or warlock, as befitting her attire, Deze had no mana.

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