Diabolic Mantle

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For the rare quest reward, see  [Diabolic Mantle].
  • Diabolic Mantle
  • Item Level 905+Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Binds when picked up
  • Cloth
  • Shoulder
  • 237 Armor
  • +1705 Intellect
  • +2558 Stamina
  • +496 Critical Strike
  • +766 Haste
  • Diabolic Raiment (1/6 pieces)
  •  [Diabolic Shroud]
     [Diabolic Gloves]
     [Diabolic Helm]
     [Diabolic Leggings]
     [Diabolic Robe]
     [Diabolic Mantle]
  • (2) Set (Affliction): Your Unstable Affliction damage has a 20% chance to cause your next Drain Soul cast to deal 20% additional increased damage each time it deals damage.
    (2) Set (Demonology): Shadowbolt has a 20% chance to reset the cooldown of Call Dreadstalkers.
    (2) Set (Destruction): Incinerate has a 15% chance to generate 1 Soul Shard.
    (4) Set (Affliction): Fully channeling a Drain Soul grants you 10% Haste for 5 sec.
    (4) Set (Demonology): Call Dreadstalkers automatically triggers Demonic Empowerment.
    (4) Set (Destruction): Chaos Bolt empowers your next Chaos Bolt to always gain maximum benefit from your Mastery: Chaotic Energies.
  • Durability 100 / 100
  • Classes: Warlock
  • Requires Level 110
  • Sell Price: 45g 92s 95c


This item drops from Fallen Avatar in Tomb of Sargeras.

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