The compass and its needlepoint.

This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

The Diamond Blade is a holy sword of the Light.


The Diamond Blade was bestowed by a naaru to Greydon Thorne several years before the Third War. He was the leader of the Order of the Seven Suns that were sworn to protect the naaru who lent its grace to shield Azeroth against the Darkstorm. Greydon was to choose whoever he deemed worthy of wielding the blade. Although his brother Silverlaine was the superior swordsman, Greydon kept the blade for himself. He saw it as a symbol of his leadership, but Silverlaine was furious. While Greydon admitted that Silverlaine was worthy, he denied the blade to him because of pride and jealously. They argued endlessly until it tore their bond apart. One day, however, Silverlaine stole the blade from his brother's quarters and went alone to fight the naaru's enemy, the nathrezim Xaraax and his Legion minions.

With the sword in hand, Silverlaine was outnumbered, and at last, Xaraax tempted him to his side, promising him great power and greater revenge in exchange for switching sides with the demons. Xaraax's worm tongue worked its charm and persuaded the human that the naaru and his brother would discard him. Weakened by anger, Silverlaine accepted Xaraax's offer. Silverlaine returned to the order, and its members had no idea about the betrayal. Silverlaine then murdered the naaru with the Diamond Blade. The impact shattered the blade, and the shards of it were scattered across Azeroth. With it, the order was also shattered, but the Darkstorm didn't come.

Years after the event, a mysterious Voice of the Light spoke to Greydon. It told him that the blade could be reforged and that it contained the essence of the naaru. This was the reason the Darkstorm didn't come; as long as the naaru existed in some form, it couldn't come. As such, Greydon had to leave his family in Lakeshire behind and set out to find the crystal shards, restore the naaru and stop Xaraax and his Darkstorm. He also couldn't allow the shards to fall into the enemy's hands,[1] including his brother, who now bore the name Malus.

For the next five years, Greydon was looking for the shards with his magical compass that directed him towards the crystal shards. In the meantime, Malus became the leader of the Hidden, under Xaraax, who pursued Greydon. Both assembled crews and obtained ships, the Wavestrider and the Inevitable, respectively. The Voice of the Light eventually told Greydon to also get his son, Aram who too was part of this quest. Greydon immediately didn't tell his estranged son about the crystal shards, or the blade, or the naaru. Greydon and Aram spent half a year on the ship, journeying across Azeroth. As they were in Desolace and journeyed to Feralas, the Hidden attacked and destroyed the Wavestrider and captured Greydon. Before being captured, he managed to give Aram and Makasa Flintwill his compass and set them to the coast of Feralas. Journeying through the forests of Feralas, the flooded Thousand Needles, and the desert of Tanaris, facing off against Malus and the Hidden, Aram and Makasa made new friends and found crystal shards with the compass.[2] As the first three crystals were found, they merged perfectly, creating the hilt of a sword.

The sword's hilt.

As Greydon was presumed dead by the children, from Charnas they learned about Aram's mysterious uncle named Silverlaine who was last seen in the Stonetalon Mountains. Although the compass was pointing towards Lakeshire, the travelers decided to find answers.[3] With his new allies, Aram was transported to the mountains where Aram eventually ended up facing Malus once again, revealing his true identity to them. The Hidden captured Aram too, and Malus took the hilt and the broken compass. Unbeknownst to Malus, the compass needle was actually left behind and was soon found by Makasa.

Although Makasa wanted to rescue Aram, she knew she had to continue their quest. Knowing the last direction was Lakeshire, Makasa and her companions traveled to the Redridge Mountains. There, she used the compass' crystal and the Voice of the Light's guidance to locate the remaining crystal shards. As she and her allies found them, the crystal shards reconstructed into a blade. As Makasa held the blade, she recalled her friends and allies to gather at the Dark Portal and set out to attack the Hidden citadel in Hellfire Peninsula where Aram and Greydon were held captive, and Malus had the hilt of the Diamond Blade.

Makasa fighting off Malus with the Diamond Harpoon

As Makasa's army attacked, Xaraax sensed the blade nearing. Malus came to Xaraax to his sanctuary, but the nathrezim demon lord turned on him and attacked because he ran out of its usefulness. He took the hilt of the Diamond Blade from his body and proceeded to get the Hidden to the top of the citadel. There, Makasa and Reigol Valdread made their way and fought against Throgg and Karrga but lost. The two ogres dragged the family to Xaraax. The sand troll Zathra approached Makasa to retrieve the blade. As she took it, she quickly dropped it because it was too hot for her. Soon, the hilt from the demon lord's hands soared to the blade, the weapon reforging itself and becoming whole. A shocked Throgg dropped Makasa who leaped at the weapon. With the weapon and Voice of the Light in her hands and head, she charged at Xaraax. The Highlord, however, had a weapon on his own, a fel sword matched the Diamond Blade, knocking it from Makasa's hands. Immediately, the arakkoa Ssarbik enveloped her with shadow magic, and Xaraax went to drop his fel blade and grab the Diamond Blade. He corrupted the hilt, and the dark power started to creep upon the blade.

Xaraax, preparing to destroy the naaru and release the Darkstorm upon Azeroth, did not expect that the broken Malus would hurry to take the dropped fel sword and stab Xaraax into his back and through his chest. Losing the Diamond Blade, Malus tossed the impaled dreadlord into the altar that swallowed the Highlord. As Malus was feeding the Darkstorm, Valdread slipped Karrga and kicked the Diamond Blade towards Makasa. She quickly grabbed the weapon of the Light and blocked Malus' attack. The twisted human now called reinforcements and continued fighting. As fel and Light clashed, the roof exploded, the black vortex of the Darkstorm growing quiet for a moment.

Soon, the tide turned in favor of the children, defeating most of the Hidden and the demons. The two Thorne brothers faced each other, with Malus almost gaining the upper hand, but ultimately it was Makasa with her Diamond Harpoon, and with the assistance from Aram, that ultimately faced Malus - the defeated Malus gathered his last strength to toss his fel sword at Makasa, but Aram used his new-found druidic power to blast the fel blade away, giving Makasa the opening to leap and strike Malus fatally. The roiling black vortex that was the Darkstorm raged for a moment before it dissipated completely.[4]

With the naaru was restored and resting, Makasa broke the weapon and gave each of the party one shard to hold. They agreed that no one should wield the weapon. Makasa took the largest shard, the hilt, to Stormwind, where she told King Varian that the blade had been shattered beyond repair in the battle against Malus. Greydon told them to hide their pieces and guard their secrets. When the travelers reunited at the Forever Tree, Aram buried his crystal shard in the ground at the base of the Tree. The tree's roots then buried the shard deeper.[5]

Description and abilities

Although incomplete, the weapon could be used in battle. From the hilt emerged a beacon of pure, shining Light when facing Malus.[6] It could also summon a ripple of Light and heat blasting out from it in every direction.[7] The reforged blade was warm, almost too hot to hold comfortably.[8] It dissolves bolts of shadow on approach. In Makasa's hands, the reforged Diamond Blade expanded and contracted, the hilt lengthened, the sharp end curved until it resembled a harpoon, humming with readiness in her grasp.[9]

Crystal shards' locations