NeutralDiane Cannings
Image of Diane Cannings
Title Leather Armor Expert,
Leatherworking Trainer
Gender Female
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 75 / 105
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Kirin Tor, Magocracy of Dalaran
Location Magus Commerce Exchange, Dalaran
Status Alive
Mentor(s) Namha Moonwater
"Flexibility in your armor plays a crucial part in making your attacks even more devastating."[1]

As seen in-game.

Diane Cannings is a human leatherworking trainer inside Legendary Leathers, within the Magus Commerce Exchange in Dalaran. She is an apprentice of Namha Moonwater, specializing in leather armor.




Hello! Are you interested in learning how to craft leather wares?

Trainer Train me.

Dalaran above Deadwind Pass
  • Sorry, <name>. Come back and see me when things have calmed.
  • I'm afraid I cannot help you right now, <name>. We have been asked to remain alert at all times.
  • Training will resume shortly, <name>. You have my word.
  • Be on your guard, <name>. We've been asked to put the safety of our visitors above all else until things settle down.
  • No need to worry, <name>. Training will continue. But for now, we must focus the matters at hand.
  • In due time, <name>. For now, we must remain vigilant.
  • I do wish I could assist you in your training, but now is not the time, <name>. My apologies.


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