HordeDig Rat Stew
Start Grub
End Grub
Level 23 (Requires 15)
Category Cooking
Experience 190-1850

+100 Orgrimmar

WoW Icon update.png+100 Orgrimmar
Bc icon.gif+250 Orgrimmar
Rewards  [Recipe: Dig Rat Stew]
 [Apothecary Gloves]
5x  [Dig Rat Stew]


Bring 8 Dig Rats to Grub east of the Crossroads.


A <class> like you must get pretty hungry out here in The Barrens. Me, I'm starving all day long.

Tell you what, I'll fix you up a nice stew. Just need a few dig rats.

Seems those filthy dwarves at Bael Modan are overrun with everyone's favorite feast. Now head on down south to Bael Modan and bring me back some dig rats.

You can't call yourself a seasoned adventurer until you've spent some time killing rats! Haw!


You will receive:
Inv scroll 03.png [Recipe: Dig Rat Stew] Inv gauntlets 06.png [Apothecary Gloves]
Inv misc bowl 01.png 5x [Dig Rat Stew]

You will also receive:


Whack enough dig rats yet, <name>?


Normally I don't like to eat these rodents when they're so.... so... ripe. Like to let them rot for a few weeks to really bring out the flavor. But you look so hungry.

Let me fix you some Dig Rat Stew. Ah, there we go.

Here you go!


  • Must have 15 Cooking skill.
  • Bael Modan is in the southern Barrens. Head south past Camp Taurajo and continues to follow the road. Before you get to Razorfen Kraul and Razorfen Downs, you see a large excavation hole on the east side of the road. You will find the level 1 rat critters running around the dig site. Watch out for the dwarves who will be aggressive to all Horde.
  • The rats are tiny and can be hard to see. You should be able to kill them with a single whack. Most of the time, you will get the item needed off the corpse. However, sometimes you will get an unconscious dig rat that you can "use" to revive it. Once the rat starts moving, whack it again!
  • Note that the quest reward recipe is tradable, while the version once sold by vendors was BoP.

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