Digested Anima.

Digested Anima is found in Torghast, Tower of the Damned after using a  [Ravenous Anima Cell]. These offer a distinct set of anima powers based on the creature - usually, but not always, an enemy - it is used on. Choosing enough powers awards the achievement  [Extremely Ravenous].

Table of Anima Powers

Anima Power Associated NPC
[Broker's Purse] Broker Ve'ken
Broker Ve'nott
[Dark Armaments] Coldheart Agent
Coldheart Ambusher
Coldheart Ascendent
Coldheart Binder
Coldheart Guardian
Coldheart Javelineer
Coldheart Scout
[Deadsoul Hound Harness] Deadsoul Scavenger
[Flamestarved Cinders] Blazing Elemental
Burning Emberguard
Flameforge Master
Forge Keeper
Mawsworn Firecaller
Mawsworn Flametender
[Glasswing Charm] Faeleaf Grovesinger
Faeleaf Tender
Faeleaf Warden
Faeleaf Lasher
Gormling Pest
Gormling Spitter
Verdent Keeper
[Marrow Scooper] Lumbering Creation
Mawsworn Acolyte
Mawsworn Disciple
Mawsworn Darkcaster
Mawsworn Endbringer
Mawsworn Ritualist
Mawsworn Soulbinder
Mawsworn Soulweaver
 [Mawrat Harness] Mawrat
Oddly Large Mawrat
[Maw Seeker Harness] Mawsworn Seeker
[Pocketed Soulcage] Mawsworn Archer
Mawsworn Interceptor
[Pouch of Phantasma] Animic
Fog Dweller
Lost Dredger
Mawsworn Ward
If you already have a unique power then you will get Pouch of Phantasm instead.
[Prisoner's Concord] Armed Prisoner
Escaped Ritualist
Imprisoned Cabalist
Prisonbreak Cursewalker
Prisonbreak Mauler
Prisonbreak Soulmender
[Purifier's Flame] Deadsoul Drifter
Deadsoul Echo
Deadsoul Scavenger
Deadsoul Shade
Deadsoul Shadow
Deadsoul Shambler
Deadsoul Spirit
Weeping Wraith
[Shackle Keys] Mawsworn Shackler
[Skeletal Ward] Skeletal Remains
[Warden's Authority] Flameforge Enforcer
Mawsworn Shadestalker
Mawsworn Guard
Mawsworn Sentry