For the Azshara quest, see H [5-30] Diplomacy by Another Means.
AllianceDiplomacy By Another Means
Start Ambassador Gaines
End Ambassador Gaines
Level 10-30
Category Southern Barrens
Experience 1,750
Reputation +250 Stormwind
Rewards  [Boarpocalypse Boots]
or  [Sabersnout's Cloak]
or  [Bristleback Challenge Ring]
or Bristleback Challenge Treads


Take the Horn of Challenge to the Bristleback Challenge Ring in Southern Barrens. Blow the horn to challenge Sabersnout and kill him.


I have not forgotten my brush with death at the hands of the quilboar in that filthy jungle. The General here has ordered some tactical strikes, but he stops short of genocide. I have no such qualms.

Take this horn that I 'borrowed' during my negotiations. Blow the horn within the Bristleback challenge ring west of our position - you can't miss it. I want you to challenge the champion of the Bristleback, Sabersnout, to single combat. His death in front of his followers will leave them in utter chaos.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv boots leather 11v1.png [Boarpocalypse Boots] Inv misc cape 14.png [Sabersnout's Cloak]
Inv jewelry ring 15.png [Bristleback Challenge Ring] Inv misc questionmark.png Bristleback Challenge Treads

You will also receive:


Sabersnout! Is he dead? What's the news?


A "Boarpocalypse," you say? These animals certainly have a unique idea of "Single combat!"

No matter, you've done well. With the quilboar in chaos I should have no trouble convincing the field commanders to execute any strays they find scurrying about. The General need not know we've stepped up the campaign... it's for the better.

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