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Disconnect (disconnected, DC, DC-ed, offline) refers to when a player's client can no longer communicate with the server. For a short period of time, the player may still show as standing or running in place. The tooltip may show the player as "offline" as well. After a few minutes, the player will no longer display on the screen.


The potential cause of disconnections usually fall into one of two types:

  • The server becomes unable to accept connections. (Example: Denial-of-service attack)
  • The client is unable to access the Internet and therefore cannot communicate with the server.

In the case of the first type, there is little to nothing that may be done by a player. They must wait for the owner of the server to rectify the problem. As for the second type, the player may attempt to resolve the problem by locating the source of the outage and fixing it.

Note: In some cases, a player may purposefully force a disconnection as part of the process - or the end result - of an exploit.