NOTE: This is only useful as a howto type academic example. The act of casting Stealth automatically dismounts you.

This dismount and stealth macro for rogues is an easy way to get into stealth after dismounting. Simply follow the tutorial below.


Macro window

Step 1 - Opening the macro window

First you need to create a macro. Bring up your macro window by typing the following command:


Step 2 - Creating a new macro

Click on New to create a new macro. Choose a name and icon.

Step 3 - Type the code

Now copy/paste the lines below into your new macro (if you have a lower rank of stealth, type the rank you have, or open your Spellbook & Abilities, find your stealth spell and shift+click the icon, while the macro window is active):

/cast Stealth

Step 4 - Adding to the action bar

Right action bar

To make it useful, drag your new macro icon to your action bar. In this tutorial, I placed it in the right action bar (button one), as my bottom one is full.

Step 5 - Setting the key bindings

Key bindings window

Click ESC to open your Main Menu. Click on Key Bindings and find the line Right Action Button 1. Now Choose the key you want to use for this macro to be activated. In this tutorial, I chose the "$" (dollar-sign). Good choice if you're on a Mac. Click Okay and you're done.


Now try it out.

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