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For the priest spells, see Spell nature nullifydisease [Dispel Magic] or Spell arcane massdispel [Mass Dispel].

Dispel refers to the general game mechanic of removing buffs and debuffs. All of these effects belong to a particular dispel type. Most dispel abilities remove effects from a specific dispel type, but in some cases they remove depending on a specific mechanic (for example, Inv fabric wool 01 [Luffa] removes bleed effects). Dispel mechanics can also be categorized into defensive and offensive dispels. Defensive dispel abilities remove debuffs from friendly units, whereas offensive dispel abilities remove buffs from enemy units. Dispelling specific abilities may cause an additional effect to occur in response, otherwise known as dispel protection or dispel backlash.

For a list of dispel abilities for specific dispel types, see bleed, curse, disease, magic, poison, and typeless.

Dispel capabilities by class[]

Below is a table showing which classes can dispel which types of buffs and debuffs. Self-only dispels (such as Spell shadow nethercloak [Cloak of Shadows] and Inv gauntlets 03 [Stoneform]) are not included. PvP Talent dispels are marked with a yellow asterisk (*) and only function in War Mode and instanced PvP content; they do not function in dungeons or raids.

Class Defensive Offensive
Bleed Curse Disease Magic Poison Magic Enrage (Soothe) Immunity
Death knight Death knight
Demon Hunter Demon hunter Done* Done
Druid Druid Done Healer Alert Done Done
Evoker Evoker Done Done Done Healer Alert Done Done
Hunter Hunter Ability hunter camouflage* Ability hunter camouflage* Done Done
Mage Mage Done Done
Monk Monk Done Healer Alert Done
Paladin Paladin Done Healer Alert Done
Priest Priest Done Done Done Done
Rogue Rogue Done
Shaman Shaman Done Healer Alert Done Done
Warlock Warlock Spell shadow summonimp Spell shadow summonfelhunter
Warrior Warrior Done

Dispel Abilities[]

Below is a list of abilities that can dispel effects based on class, then type (defensive or offensive). Each type of effect that can be dispelled is marked by an icon next to it. Self-only dispels are not listed.

Dispel Protection[]

The following abilities have an additional effect if they are dispelled. These "protection" effects exist in order to deter an opponent from dispelling them. The effects caused by dispelling vary; some benefit the caster while others harm the victim or the dispeller. Certain abilities only gain protection effects via talents; these talents are listed instead.

Dispel Resistance[]

WoW Icon update The subject of this section has been removed from World of Warcraft but is present in Classic Era.

In Classic, there are limited ways to resist both offensive and defensive dispel effects. When an offensive dispel is resisted, it does not remove any buffs. Likewise, when a debuff resists a defensive dispel, it is not removed.

For offensive dispels, both Spell nature purge [Devour Magic] and Spell nature purge [Purge] are capable of being resisted so long as the target has sufficient resistance.

Defensive dispels are not hindered by the afflictor's magic resistance, but rather by select talents that grant dispel resistance. For example, the talent Ability rogue feigndeath [Vile Poisons] gives up to a 40% chance for the rogue's poisons to resist dispel effects.


Dispel Capabilities[]

Prior to the Cataclysm expansion, dispel abilities were distributed differently to classes. As no specializations existed, dispels were instead class based. Magic effects could only be removed by priests and paladins, rather than all healers. This originally left the Horde with only one defensive magic dispel class prior to The Burning Crusade.

Pre-Cataclysm Dispel Capabilities
Class Defensive Offensive
Curse Disease Magic Poison Magic Enrage Immunity
Druid Druid Done Done
Hunter Hunter DoneWrath-Logo-Small Done
Mage Mage Done DoneBc icon
Paladin Paladin Done Done Done
Priest Priest Done Done Done DoneBc icon
Shaman Shaman DoneWrath-Logo-Small Done Done Done
Warlock Warlock Spell shadow summonfelhunter Spell shadow summonfelhunter
Warrior Warrior Inv shield 05 DoneWrath-Logo-Small

Dispel Mechanics[]

Dispels would fail to cast on targets that had no effects to remove, and would display an error message stating such. No mana would be consumed nor would the global cooldown be triggered, making it impossible to "waste" a dispel. In addition to this benefit, there were "upgraded" dispel abilities that featured passive dispel effects, providing certain classes a significant advantage over others. Spell nature nullifydisease [Abolish Disease] and Spell nature nullifypoison 02 [Abolish Poison] would dispel any further applied effects for 12 seconds. Spell nature diseasecleansingtotem [Disease Cleansing Totem] and Spell nature poisoncleansingtotem [Poison Cleansing Totem] would passively dispel any nearby ally for the entire duration of the totem, allowing a single shaman to dispel numerous effects with one press, thus saving them a lot of mana and gcds. Though these "upgraded" abilities didn't replace their original counterparts, they were nearly always used as they were undoubtedly superior. Blizzard considered dispels "trivial" due to these factors.[1]

As a result, several changes were made for Cataclysm to better distribute dispels, increase their opportunity cost, and require more player input to use effectively.

Patch changes[]

  • Shadowlands Patch 9.0.1 (2020-10-13): Tranquilizing Shot re-added, allowing all Hunters to again dispel enrage and magic effects. Spirit beasts no longer remove enrage effects.
  • Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.0.1 (2018-07-17): An enrage dispel ability has been made available to Druids, and to Beast Mastery Hunters via Spirit Beasts. Spell nature removecurse [Remove Curse] re-added.
  • Legion Patch 7.0.3 (2016-07-19): Players can no longer dispel enrage effects due to the removal of enrage dispel abilities. Mages can no longer remove curse effects with the removal of Spell nature removecurse [Remove Curse].
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28):
    • All defensive dispels that had no cooldown now have an 8-second cooldown, but also now remove all effects (was 1 or 2 effects).
    • Spell holy purify [Cleanse], Ability shaman cleansespirit [Cleanse Spirit], and Spell holy removecurse [Remove Corruption] now remove magic effects baseline, but are now only available to healing specializations. Separate abilities that do not dispel magic have been added for non-healing specializations.
    • Spell nature nullifydisease [Dispel Magic] has had its defensive dispel function split into the new ability Spell holy dispelmagic [Purify], which also replaces Spell holy nullifydisease [Cure Disease].
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.1.0 (2011-04-26): Spell nature nullifydisease [Dispel Magic] can now only be used on the casting priest or enemies baseline. Spell holy absolution [Absolution] has been added to allow Discipline and Holy priests to use Dispel Magic on allies. Additionally, Dispel Magic now only removes 1 effect from enemies (down from 2).
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.6 (2011-02-08): Spell nature purge [Purge] now dispels a single effect instead of two.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.1 (2010-10-12):
    • All healer specializations can now dispel magic effects off allies (with appropriate talents).
    • Dispel abilities will no longer be prevented from casting when the target does not have a valid debuff to dispel. It will now consume the mana cost of the ability and global cooldown regardless of whether or not it dispels an effect.
    • Dispel over time effects and totems (Spell nature nullifydisease [Abolish Disease], Spell nature nullifypoison 02 [Abolish Poison], Spell nature diseasecleansingtotem [Cleansing Totem]) have been removed.
    • Paladins can no longer dispel magic effects (without the Holy talent Ability paladin sacredcleansing [Sacred Cleansing]).
    • Shaman can no longer dispel poison or disease effects.
    • The Felhunter's Spell nature purge [Devour Magic] has had its defensive dispel function split into the new Imp ability Spell fire elementaldevastation [Singe Magic].
  • Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.0.2 (2008-10-14): Ability shaman cleansespirit [Cleanse Spirit] added as a talent, allowing Shaman to dispel curse effects.
  • Bc icon Patch 2.0.1 (2006-12-05): Spell arcane arcane02 [Spellsteal] added.


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