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Disrupting the Chain

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VenthyrDisrupting the Chain
Start  [Supply Chain Memo]
End Prince Renathal
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Venthyr Campaign
Experience 9,450
Rewards 25g 74s
Previous N [60] Stonevigil Unrest
Next N [60] After Them!


Destroy the Darkhaven and Manor carriages in Stonevigil Overlook.


From the desk of the Tithelord:

All supply carriages must re-route to Stonevigil for collection assistance. Once complete, you may resume your regularly scheduled routes.


You will receive:

  • 25g 74s
  • 9,450 XP


What is the state of the carriages?


Well done.

We will bleed this miscreant "Harvester" dry.


  1. N [60] Stonevigil Unrest
  2. N [60] An Unwelcome Incursion, N [60] Fangs and Minds, N [60] Third Talon Vartox, N [60] Disrupting the Chain
  3. N [60] After Them!
  4. N [60] To the Estate
  5. N [60] The Tithelord

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