Distinguished Service (Restorer)

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NeutralDistinguished Service
Start Archmage Leryda
End Archmage Leryda
Level 70 (Requires 70)
Category Karazhan
Rewards [Violet Signet]
Previous N [70] Down the Violet Path
Next N [70] Eminence Among the Violet Eye


Bring your [Violet Signet] to Archmage Leryda at Deadwind Pass after obtaining Revered reputation with the Violet Eye.


You have not disappointed us, <name>. We continue to have very high hopes for you, however.

Continue to serve the Violet Eye and you will be appropriately rewarded.


You will receive:
Inv jewelry ring 62.png [Violet Signet]


You're welcome among us, as always. What brings you to us?


Your services have not gone unnoticed, <name>. Your signet may look the same, but its powers grow as you continue to prove your loyalty.

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