The Docks.

The Docks[33.5, 53.8] (also called Shipyard in some achievements) can be found on the western side of the Isle of Conquest, ringed by hills that limit access. The Dock's capture flag is near the south end of the shipyard's boardwalk, closer to the Alliance Keep.

The faction that possesses the docks is delivered two catapults and two night elf/blood elf glaive throwers by boats, which can be used to attack the opposing faction's keep.


Glaive Throwers
Glaive Throwers have excellent range and damage that allow players to safely assault Keep Gates out of range from the Keep Cannons. Their low health makes them easy targets for enemy footsoldiers, with only a targeted, channeled attack serving as their "defense".
The Catapults are used for launching drivers high into the air, particularly over Keep Walls and Gates. Experts can even throw themselves directly onto the Keep Towers to quickly dispatch any defenders manning the Keep Cannons. These vehicles are quick and capable of dodging enemies with both speed and stealth. Catapults that have already launched their drivers will remain available for other allies to use.


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